Bono says U2’s new album will be “an unreasonable guitar record” with “big choruses”

Bono says U2’s new album will be “an unreasonable guitar record” with “big choruses”

U2 frontman Bono has shared a further update on their forthcoming new album, reiterating that it will be “an unreasonable guitar record”.

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It comes over a year after he previously expressed his desire to release “a noisy, uncompromising, unreasonable guitar album”, citing AC/DC as an influence.

Now in a new interview, he has also said that as well being “an unreasonable guitar record” it will also come with “big choruses”.

He told MOJO magazine: “I announced it, without discussion, as ‘an unreasonable guitar record’. And Edge called me up and goes, ‘How unreasonable?’ And I said, ‘As unreasonable as you’re ready to take it.’

“I don’t think the world is waiting on the next U2 album,” Bono added. “I think we have to give them a reason to be interested in it. I just want to write great tunes, because that’s where U2 started – with big choruses, clear ideas. And let’s go back there, but do it with some petrol and some matches.”

U2 at the Sphere in Las Vegas CREDIT: Sam Jones

Bassist Adam Clayton added: “We are turning the amps on. I certainly think the rock that we all grew up with as 16 and 17-year-olds, that rawness of those Patti Smith, Iggy Pop records… that kind of power is something we would love to connect back into.”

It comes after the band recently told Zane Lowe that they have “amazing new songs” in the can, teasing that they will be “ready soon”.

“There’s a lot that we have ready and some that need a little dusting off, but will be ready soon. I tell you, we’ve got some amazing new songs. Really exciting,” said guitarist The Edge at the time.

Bono added: “Edge has about 100 in the bag. I have about 20… but [bassist] Adam [Clayton]’s got something to contribute.”

The frontman said U2 will eventually manage to “find 10” tracks that are up to scratch, telling Lowe “that’s all you need” for an album. “10. And that’s your reason to exist,” the singer continued.

“If not, U2 should just fuck off. Go live on an island, or go away and be a nuisance somewhere in the world. But if we want to continue as a band, it’s only about one thing. It’s about the text, it’s about the tunes, it’s about the performance. It’s about whether you believe us or not.

“And we have an extraordinary musical genius in our band. We will try, I will try, to put into words the music [The Edge is] making. I make it with him. But it’s Las Vegas or bust, baby.”

Bono went on: “The fight is for our future. It’s love versus luck. But that’s what our band is built around. It’s not just friendship. We overuse the word ‘love’ like The Beatles did. And you’re either… it’s like, ‘Whoa, back off’. Because it’s a lazy word to use unless it has meaning.

“And if it doesn’t have meaning within the band, then it’s not going to have meaning outside of the band. So this is the time when if people have lost their love, they should fuck off. Including me. You know what I mean? That’s what it is, right?

“And if you’re not falling in love with music… because music pays our bills. And if you don’t love music, it’s your time to fuck off.”

Earlier this year, The Edge also said U2 had “a lot of great material in the pipeline” and that he was “anxious” to release a new album.

Elsewhere, Nadine Shah recently apologised for calling Adam Clayton “a fucking spenk” in 2021.

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