Top 10 Best Poses With The Infamous “Music Bank” Railing By K-Pop Idols

Top 10 Best Poses With The Infamous “Music Bank” Railing By K-Pop Idols

The latest trend making waves in K-Pop is not a catchy song or a dance move but a particular spot for social media snapshots. The railing outside KBS’s Music Bank building has become the backdrop for an array of creative and quirky poses by K-Pop idols, each adding a personal twist to their photo ops. These poses have not only captured the imagination of fans but have also turned into a viral sensation!

1. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Seulgi took to the railing with a pose that exuded both allure and confidence. Perching herself on the railing in a manner that highlighted her charm, Seulgi’s photo quickly went viral, amassing over 83,000 likes on Twitter.


— (@dinniebur) November 17, 2023

2. aespa’s Winter

In a pose that perfectly encapsulates her serene persona, aespa’s Winter chose a more subdued approach. Rather than climbing onto the railing, she opted to sit within its confines, creating a chill vibe that resonated with her fans. The post skyrocketed in popularity on Instagram, with over 1.39 million likes, proving that sometimes simplicity reigns supreme.

3. BTS’s Jin

Jin brought humor to the challenge when his broad shoulders stopped him from going inside — only his head made it through the railing. The comedic effect was a hit with fans, highlighting the lighter side of the trend.

4. Golden Child’s Jangjun

Golden Child’s Jangjun turned heads and elicited laughs with his upside-down acrobatic stance inside the railing. Clinging to it while flipping his world around, Jangjun’s pose struck a chord with fans who admired both the physicality and the comedy of the stunt.

how tf did he even do this

— gunwook (@khjloml) November 18, 2023

5. LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura and Yunjin

The dynamic duo from LE SSERAFIM managed to both fit inside the railing for a playful reenactment of the iconic Jack and Rose pose from the movie Titanic. Their humorous take was not only a technical feat but also a delightful nod to pop culture in true LE SSERAFIM fashion.

| @im_lesserafim/Twitter

6. OnlyOneOf’s Kyubin

Kyubin’s series of poses became notable not just for their humor but for the behind-the-scenes moments captured as passersby witnessed his antics. The blend of funny poses and his bashful reactions to being observed made for an endearing and relatable series of shots.

The ending scene in bub, when someone interrupted JiHoon and Eden’s kiss, is a very realistic portrayal of the music show backstage because:

— MiMi (@MiMi_OOOlyOn) October 24, 2023

7. ENHYPEN’s Jake

ENHYPEN’s Jake took on a dramatic pose, giving the impression of being caged within the railing. Kneeling down and fitting snugly inside, Jake’s pose is definitely a fan favorite.

| @enhypen/Instagram

8. TXT’s Yeonjun

Yeonjun decided to flaunt his long legs by artfully placing one along the railing’s length. This not only showcased his impressive stature but also brought a fashionable edge to the lineup of poses.

| @txt_bighit/Instagram

9. SHINee’s Onew

Onew portrayed a hilariously dramatic struggle, pretending to be stuck within the railing. His comedic acting not only entertained fans but also showcased his playful personality.

| @shinee/Twitter

10. JY Park

JYP Entertainment‘s founder took the trend to a whole other level when he integrated the railing into his comeback teasers for “Changed Man.” Standing within one railing while his female counterpart mirrored the pose in another, Park elevated the trend to a promotional art form.

| JYP Entertainment

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