Summer Beaa Fiercely Rises In The Hip Hop Ranks With Her Latest Video ‘Wht We Doin’

Summer Beaa Fiercely Rises In The Hip Hop Ranks With Her Latest Video ‘Wht We Doin’

With glamorous visuals and an inescapable hook, ‘WHT WE DOIN’ is the latest video from brand-new rapper Summer Beaa. Let loose and go wild as the rapper spits candid rhymes and parties with her friends, all while showing off her untamed energy and ‘no-nonsense’ skill set to express her raw self. Summer Beaa worked alongside featuring artist Da Pink Celebrity and producer by SUC Jhiame to create this track, propelling it to success on radios around the Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas areas.

Now, Summer Beaa aims to solidify her presence with a vibrant new video, directed to perfection by Dang Films. Summer Beaa has made a name for herself tight out of the gate with her debut single ‘WHT WE DOIN‘. It’s clear that she’s on the right trajectory and we just can’t wait to see what’s next!

In Summer Beaa‘s latest video, ‘WHT WE DOIN‘, she bursts onto the scene with unapologetic energy and a ‘no-nonsense’ skill set. Directed by Dang Films, the visuals are glamorous, perfectly complementing the track’s infectious hook. Collaborating with Da Pink Celebrity and producer SUC Jhiame, Summer Beaa‘s debut single has gained traction across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. With a raw and authentic vibe, ‘WHT WE DOIN‘ solidifies Summer Beaa‘s presence, leaving us eager for more.

Texas rapper Summer Beaa truly has a name that demands attention and subverts expectations. Her story began singing hymns in her childhood church, and would eventually lead her to find a home at independent Houston label, Nu Souf Music. Inspired by some of the greats in her field artists, including Lil Kim, Latto, Ken The Man, and Megan Thee Stallion, Summer Beaa’s meteoric rise was fueled by her presence on social media platforms like TikTok, where her engaging skits and melodic renditions captured the hearts of a global audience.

After raising the attention of Nu Souf with her 2023 mixtape ‘COLD SUMMER,’ her newfound career milestone allowed her shine a light on her true potential. Her debut single, ‘WHT WE DOIN,’ featuring Da Pink Celebrity, is a genre-transcending anthem produced by the visionary SUC Jhiame, and is quickly making waves in the Southern rap scene. As she prepares to release her upcoming single, ‘Tongue Action,’ Summer Beaa’s journey continues to ascend. With her indomitable spirit and unparalleled talent, she’s well on her way to becoming the latest figure in female hip hop – stay tuned using the links below.

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