RIIZE’s Seunghan Smiles Thanks To Supportive Fan Message In First Fan Call Amid New Scandals

RIIZE’s Seunghan Smiles Thanks To Supportive Fan Message In First Fan Call Amid New Scandals

RIIZE met their fans on November 19 via video call, a popular fansign format that allows even international fans to meet them easily.

RIIZE | @riize_official/Instagram

The conversation of one such fan with Seunghan is going viral in the fandom. Twitter (X) user @hanwontonz posted a snippet of her Yizhiyu Online Video Call fansign, specifically the part where she sent him a message of support.

231119 一直娱 yizhiyu online video call fansign

short snippet of what i relayed to seunghan please don’t ever lose your smile my pretty boy 🥹#SEUNGHAN #승한 #RIIZE #라이즈 @RIIZE_official pic.twitter.com/D3v3MbTJE6

— jan 🫧 (@hanwontonz) November 19, 2023

She hoped that Seunghan is aware of the support that he is receiving from his fans, adding that they can be his strength during these trying times.

I wish for you to always be happy and healthy. Thank you for always being RIIZE’s strength but I hope that we can also be your strength!

— @hanwontonz

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She wanted him to know that he’s “doing a great job” and that he will always have supporters like her on his side.

You’re doing a great job. I’m so proud of you. I wish I could give you a hug right now. I’ll always be by your side.

— @hanwontonz  

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RIIZE fans replied to this post with words of thanks for being able to deliver this important message to him.

thank you jan

— kat (@031002s) November 19, 2023

Thank youuu 🩵🩵

— Sarah RIIZE (@SarahAlthSVT) November 19, 2023

They expressed their gratitude towards her, happy that someone was able to make their bias smile once more.

thank you for making our hani smile and gain confidence 🥹🥹🫶

— era ! from the river to the sea (@erazennie) November 19, 2023

This is the first fancall that RIIZE has had ever since the new scandals of Seunghan dropped. Netizens recently called for him to withdraw from the group after a series of old photos and videos of his were leaked. This included a livestream with his alleged girlfriend

…a video of him smoking…

Your browser does not support video.

…and an eyebrow-raising conversation with TXT‘s Soobin that mentioned LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae.

Read more about it below.

Netizens Call For RIIZE’s Seunghan To Withdraw From The Group Following Various Controversies

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