Netizens React To G-Dragon’s Latest Drug Test Results

Netizens reacted to G-Dragon‘s latest drug test results.


On November 20, it was reported that G-Dragon’s hair samples had tested negative for drugs. This is the second drug test that the idol has tested negative for.

G-Dragon’s Latest Drug Test Results Revealed

Previously, the idol tested negative for a test he had vounteered to take despite the police not having a warrant. At the time, G-Dragon revealed that he had volunteered for the test to quickly clear up his name and to quell the media circus.

The court had already denied a warrant to check his phones for lack of evidence, and (Police) did not have a warrant to check his hair. Despite this, Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) volunteered to give samples of his urine, hair, and fingernails to quickly reveal the truth and to minimize the confusion. He has cooperated faithfully, and we are revealing that he is willing to provide his leg hair to the Police, in addition to the body hair samples that were requested by the police.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

The consecutive tests have sparked immense criticism towards the Incheon Police. Especially after the police reacted to the idol’s initial negative test by alleging he had dyed his hair to alter the results. G-Dragon have since denied the accusations and revealed he hadn’t dyed his hair in over a year.

G-Dragon Reportedly Faces New Allegations From Police

Netizens reacted to the latest results by apologizing to the idol for not believing in his innocence. Many netizens chastized one another for prematurely criticizing the icons.

“I feel so bad. I am disappointed in myself after believing that he was guilty after watching the video.” “They should have leaked the investigation to the press after finding evidence. The police are only now looking for evidence after already making him into a criminal through the press.” “Wow, I am sure he must have been so hurt by injustice. He was criticized by the whole country… I hope he sues.” “I hope he sues this community…” “This makes it obvious that the drug scandal wasn’t legitimate and that it was used for political reasons…” “Wow, look at how small and quietly the media are reporting his innocence. Who is going to compensate him for the pain?” “Seeing how strongly GD responded to the allegations, I thought he might be innocent, and I was right.” “I hope he sues all the malicious commenters in this community.” “He must have gone through so much… I saw the interview in which he said he would change his posture, but I hope he doesn’t feel the need to and just be well.”

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