Korean National Soccer Player Denies Allegations Of Filming His Ex-Girlfriend Secretly During Sexual Relations

Korean National Soccer Player Denies Allegations Of Filming His Ex-Girlfriend Secretly During Sexual Relations

National Korean soccer player Hwang Ui Jo gained attention in May 2023 following a sex scandal. The scandal came fresh after a public breakup with T-ARA’s Hyomin in March 2023. Videos of him having sexual relations with his alleged ex-girlfriend were leaked online, followed by accusations of cheating and gaslighting.

Footballer’s Sex Tape Controversy Takes Bizarre Turn After New Information Regarding The Identity Of Leaker Surfaces

Hwang has since claimed that the videos were leaked by a hacker who had blackmailed him, denying that another vengeful ex-girlfriend had been the one to leak them.

On November 20, 2023, his legal representative denied that the videos were filmed illegally.

The leaked videos were filmed after reaching agreement with his ex-girlfriend. Hwang has been consistently been blackmailed since May 7, 2023. The blackmailer illegally leaked videos of Hwang and his ex-girlfriend, and although we cannot be sure that it is the same person, there has been indiscriminating spread of information and financial requests.

In the videos, his ex-girlfriend can be seen. What we are sure of is that the videos were agreed on by his ex-girlfriend at that time, and Hwang Ui Jo does not have the videos currently. He did not leak them either. The videos were absolutely kept private by him in his personal handphone, which was lost in Greece, November 2022. We suspect theft of the phone. Not only were the videos used to threaten him, but also his private conversations with his acquaintances. The blackmailer’s actions are completely malicious, carrying out their plans to “destroy Hwang Ui Jo.” The matter started with Hwang as the victim in the first place. This fact still stands.

— Hwang’s legal representative

This statement comes after Hwang’s case had been changed from one where Hwang was the person who had been suing, to one where Hwang is the perpetrator. On November 18, 2023, he received investigations from the police regarding illegal filming.

Hwang continues to deny that the videos were filmed illegally. On the other hand, he is currently playing for the K-League, Korea’s national team. He recently made goals for the World Cup preliminaries on November 16, 2023.

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