Doug Cash – “To Be Average” delves into the concept of embracing mediocrity and the societal pressure to excel

The song “To Be Average” by Doug Cash delves into the concept of embracing mediocrity and the societal pressure to excel or strive for greatness. The lyrics present a stark contrast to the conventional pursuit of success, advocating for acceptance of being average and rejecting the emphasis on empowerment, character, and integrity. The opening lines, “It’s okay to be average, who needs to strive for empowerment,” immediately challenge the societal narrative that promotes constant improvement and success. There’s a disdain for the idea of working for a company that lacks direction or competence, highlighting the frustration of being surrounded by individuals who belittle others for not fitting into societal norms of ambition and success.

Doug Cash plays music with great lyrics and meaning and spins them into addicting organic songs. Meticulous with his words, Doug knows just how to hit home with both his lyrics as well as his acoustic guitar. He sings from the heart, which almost seems rare to find from most musicians, and you can tell that Doug really has a passion for his craft. He is not just a voice worth listening to, but a vivid writer who worms his way into your imagination.

“To Be Average” strips it all down to the core, developing the warm, organic sound Doug Cash has continued to refine over the years, a blend between the acoustic intimacy of coffee-shop folk and Americana radio resonance. Doug’s songwriting skills and attentive ear to the human condition are fully displayed here. By embracing his many idiosyncrasies as both a performer and persona, Doug Cash only seems to make himself more loveable to a wider audience.

The lyrics in “To Be Average,” touch on the negativity faced by those perceived as average – being mocked by so-called friends, feeling isolated, and experiencing a lack of recognition or appreciation, such as the line about not even walking a block to see the singer’s mom. This reinforces the idea of societal expectations dictating worth and value based on achievements and appearances. The mention of monetary compensation being meager, emphasizes the dissatisfaction with financial reward for conforming to a system that values conformity over individuality. The repetition of “its okay to be average” and the dismissal of qualities like character and integrity as “overrated” serves as a strong statement against the societal pressure to constantly prove one’s worth through external measures.

The song questions the established norms that glorify success and ambition while disregarding those who may not fit into those molds. It challenges the listener to reconsider the significance of societal expectations and encourages self-acceptance in a world that often values achievement over personal contentment. The tone appears to be one of disillusionment and defiance, reflecting a frustration with societal norms and a call for embracing one’s own definition of success rather than conforming to external standards. Written, arranged, produced and performed by Doug Cash, “To Be Average” is taken from the album “Alisa Chronicles.”


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