Charlamagne Tha God Says Drake Had An “On Sight” Order On His Head

Charlamagne Tha God Says Drake Had An “On Sight” Order On His Head

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Charlamagne Tha God and Drake have a rather complicated history.

One minute they criticize each other, the next minute they’re popping bottles in the club, and then they’re once again engaged in some back-and-forth foolery. Most recently Drake popped off an insult at Charlamagne when he called him “a f*cking goof” after Charlamagne said that Drizzy’s collaboration track with SZA was basically a dud out on these streets.

During a recent interview with Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller on their Rap Radar podcast, Charlamagne reflected on his tumultuous past with Drake and how it got to this point. From criticizing the man’s work early in his career to continuing to throw a jab or two in 2023 (the man said Drake was basically his own sexual orientation), Charlamagne was open and honest about his role in this weird and unnecessary “beef” between the two of them.

“Everything I said about the music, early on, was true. I always felt like that about the music. I’m like ‘yo, why try to be the next Chris Brown or Miguel when you could be the next Jay-Z?’ I always felt like he was that good of a rapper.”

Well, at least he felt Drizzy had Jigga potential when he was critiquing his music. Still, that’s something that Drake didn’t seem to appreciate as it led to some on-sight-ish kind of energy from Drizzy’s side according to Charlamagne.

“I mean, he didn’t find it funny. There’s plenty of times people come back and be like, ‘Yeah, Drake and his team was just here looking for you.’”

While one would think that Drake probably just wanted to put the fear of God into Tha God with his team behind him, Charlamagne later learned it was probably a bit more serious than that when he revealed another incident that went down while he was at an iHeart event.

“I met these security guards one time — this was at an iHeart music festival in Vegas — and these m*thaf*ckas looked like killers. They were big super-goons. They were with G-Eazy at the time. And they was like, ‘Yo man, you know how many times we was told, if we see you, [to fight you] on sight? Don’t even ask no questions, just handle it?’ I’m like, ‘Really?’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, we used to do security for Drake.’”

Daaaaamn, Drake?! Like that?! Does that man know how many heads be talking ish about him? He gonna sick his security team on half the hood? Luckily, Charlamagne never got a universal from anyone that was down with the King of the North, but he might want to tread lightly when talking sideways about the 6 Gawd going forward because apparently it’s that real.

Check out Charlamagne speak on Drake around the 39:45 minute mark, and let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments section.

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