‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ reveals three brand new maps for Season 1

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ reveals three brand new maps for Season 1

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has confirmed details of three new maps as part of the free Season 1 update, due later this year.

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Modern Warfare 3 was released earlier this month but Activision Blizzard are already planning on expanding the game with a free update. According to a Call Of Duty developers blog, three new 6×6 multiplayer will be added to the title, with both Meat and Greece available as soon as Season 1 launches.

Meat is described as a  “compact map centred around the East Bay Meats slaughterhouse” while Greece is a “medium-sized Mediterranean-inspired Map based on a coastal town.”

A third map, Rio, will allow players to “take in the bright colours, tight quarters, and elegant streets in a fight through an upscale shopping centre,” and will be available at a later date during Season 1.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s all-new Urzikstan map

Further details about the 6×6 maps and information about returning 2×2 maps will be shared as part of the official Season 1 blog, but Activision Blizzard have shared information about the all-new Urzikstan map. The urban landscape will incorporate 11 major points-of-interest for Call Of Duty: Warzone, “from the iconic Popov Power Plant in the north all the way through to the Zaravan Suburbs in the south”.

The Zombies storyline will also be expanded during the upcoming season, with new end-game experience Dark Aether Rifts coming alongside a new weapon capable of turning enemies into loyal allies and a new category of unique acquisition schematics.

New movement mechanics will also be introduced to Modern Warfare 3 alongside a more seamless way for players to switch between Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. “There’s still room for surprises throughout the season including MP Ranked and a special snowy event at mid-season and more,” added Activision Blizzard.

Following the launch of Modern Warfare 3, bosses were forced to deny allegations that the game’s development was rushed with staff having to work weekends and evenings to get it finished.

Bloomberg reported that the game was originally pitched to staff at Sledgehammer Games as an expansion to last year’s Modern Warfare 2 but it evolved into a full sequel during development to fill a gap in the release schedule, left by the delay of another COD title. General manager Johanna Faries said that it was “wholly inaccurate” that the new game’s development timeline was shortened.

In other news, Warner Bros. has denied speculation that the upcoming Wonder Woman game will be a live service title.

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