BLACKPINK’s Non-Exclusive Contracts Spark Concerns

Netizens reacted to BLACKPINK members’ agreeing to non-exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment.


On November 20, it was reported that the members have agreed to sign non-exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment, which means that the members will continue BLACKPINK promotions with the label but that they would be free to sign with a different agency for their individual promotions.

BLACKPINK Has Reportedly Agreed To Non-Exclusive Contract Renewal With YG Entertainment

The report also stated that two members have already signed non-exclusive contracts. The label responded to the report in true YG-fashion.

We are still in discussions. Nothing has been decided yet.

— YG Entertainment

Korean netizens reacted to the news, with many hoping that the four members would continue as BLACKPINK. Many netizens also expressed concern that this might mean the end for the group.

“Do you think they will release albums under different labels when they didn’t release albums while they were under the same label?” “Sigh, this is so disappointing. I was hoping they would promote for a long time because each member has star qualities, ㅠㅠ.” “Doesn’t this sound like each member will be moving on to new labels? This feels like the ‘Let’s meet again, someday’ before breaking up…” “I just want to continue listening to BLACKPINK’s music.” “Isn’t this a good thing? Isn’t it a win for all parties if the members promote as a group under YG and have their own labels supporting them individually?” “So even this (contract) hasn’t been signed by all members yet? Please, I want to see the four girls as BLACKPINK for a long time ㅠㅠ.” “Only 2 of the 4 members have signed, LOL. Seriously, their stock has been suffering, LOL.” “I’ll wait for the official announcement.”

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