Artimes Prime Shares Powerful New Single “Liberty’s Baby”

Artimes Prime Shares Powerful New Single “Liberty’s Baby”

With the high-stakes off-year elections that took place in several U.S. states this week, rising emcee Artimes Prime released his very timely, edgy and powerful new single “Liberty’s Baby”. Inspired by the nationwide riots and protests of 2020, the song addresses the destructive conflicts that can stem from differing worldviews and political ideas. The song also explores how various flaws are passed down through generations.

 “A lot of people like to blame millennials, but we can only work with what we were given,” Prime explains. “This song talks about how we aren’t always dealt the best hand, but there are different generational flaws that are passed down to the next, hence the name ‘Liberty’s Baby’.”  Prime delivers his thought-provoking lyrics over a captivatingly morose Boom-Bap beat produced by Digital Crates, showcasing the rapper’s ability to effortlessly stretch and bend his rhymes, switch flows and cadences, and mould them into a myriad of sounds. 

Hailing from Newtown, Pennsylvania, Artimes Prime has been making waves in the music industry since 2016, earning recognition as the number eight ‘Independent Hip-Hop Artist’ in the world by The Source Magazine in 2020. His undeniable talent has solidified his position as a versatile emcee, blending unique styles seamlessly.

With over 125k streams amassed across seven recorded projects in just seven years, Artimes Prime’s prolific output of music has struck a chord with fans worldwide. His unique blend of lyricism, inventive flows, and captivating storytelling has garnered significant attention and acclaim

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