11 Moments From BTS Jungkook’s “‘Golden’ Live on Stage” You Might Have Missed

11 Moments From BTS Jungkook’s “‘Golden’ Live on Stage” You Might Have Missed

BTS‘s Jungkook just held his “‘Golden’ Live on Stage” showcase. If you couldn’t attend, don’t worry — We got you covered! Check out 11 moments you might have missed below.

1. Jungkook gave his mom a shout-out.

She was there to watch him perform!

Jungkook giving a shout out to his mom is the most Jungkook thing ever! He has been so sweet to her ever since.


— 𝙅𝙆 𝘼𝙨𝙞𝙖 GOLDEN 11/03/23 – BAK (@AsiaJK97) November 20, 2023

2. He got totally friendzoned by ARMY.

He was not happy about it!

Jungkook getting offended at army friendzoning him. The delulu is strong pic.twitter.com/JcC0FRDSz7

— Liv has 2 ults now ⁷ 🤍 (@Livheartt) November 20, 2023

3. This hilarious moment when he drank water

ARMYs got way too excited…understandably!

jungkook: *takes a sip through his straw*
armys: wooooo!!!!
jungkook: ……🧍‍
jungkook: this is why i didn’t want to use a straw… pic.twitter.com/6n08vVufw0

— jungkook admirer₇ (@dreamjeons) November 20, 2023

4. When his hips didn’t lie

Shakira who?

jungkook hips never lies‍ pic.twitter.com/bE8FGHpV6x

— ☆ (@archivekukk) November 20, 2023

5. This extremely cute moment

His aegyo is on another level.

“anyway!” *twirls* pic.twitter.com/5R8wF1ObBI

— jungkook admirer₇ (@dreamjeons) November 20, 2023

6. However, he doesn’t like being cute.

He would rather be cool!

i’m cute? i don’t really like being cute
you’re so cool!!!
that’s right!!! that’s it pic.twitter.com/zsfxawKv66

— jungkook vids (slow) (@jjklve) November 20, 2023

7. His gorgeous singing voice

Our ears are blessed!

Hearing Jungkook sing live in small, indoor venue was an out of body experience, he sings so beautifully pic.twitter.com/zBfCmp86Dq

— 𝓪⁷ (@JlNSONYEONDAN) November 20, 2023

8. When he found Elsa in the audience

She got a special shout-out.

But Jungkook’s reaction when he saw the girl he spoke to in the videocall wearing Elsa, and how he distinguished her in the audience is very nice and she is very lucky. pic.twitter.com/DnlzaTrKlT

— 𝚁𝚊𝚑𝚊𝚏⁽ᵗᵏ⁾ (@R_taekook22) November 20, 2023

9. When he messed up his words

How can he expect us not to call him cute after this?

jungkook going ‘blblblbl’ after mispronouncing ‘first time’ lol pic.twitter.com/zKVE6HdjRs

— jungkook admirer₇ (@dreamjeons) November 20, 2023

10. His insanely handsome visuals

He’s the definition of flawless.

he is so pretty pic.twitter.com/FwKWhqqHmR

— jungkook vids (slow) (@jjklve) November 20, 2023

11. When he told everyone to go home safely and not catch a cold.

Every time, he takes such good care of ARMY.

Jungkook telling the army it’s getting cold pls go home before leaving 🥹pic.twitter.com/VlJZwiVx9E

— Shru⁷ (@bangtinyboyys) November 20, 2023

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