Netizens React To The “Power” TWICE’s Jeongyeon Holds Over J.Y. Park

Netizens React To The “Power” TWICE’s Jeongyeon Holds Over J.Y. Park

J.Y. Park is 29 years into his career as a K-Pop soloist and continues to have a hand in the creative direction of JYP Entertainment while going strong as a solo artist.

J.Y. Park | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

J.Y. Park is making his comeback on November 20 (KST) with a new song, “Changed Man,” which promises to deliver ’80s synth-pop vibes.

To celebrate his comeback, J.Y. Park is planning to do a “music show tour” and has already appeared on multiple variety programs.

Recently, he reunited with former JYP Entertainment idol GOT7‘s BamBam to film for the latter’s variety show Bam’s House.

GOT7’s BamBam and J.Y. Park | @bam_house_/Instagram

In 2021, it was confirmed that GOT7 would be leaving JYP Entertainment after seven years. They’ve since become a self-owned group and even made a full group comeback in 2022.

Despite parting ways, J.Y. Park and BamBam clarified that there is no bad blood between them, revealing that J.Y. Park had even invited GOT7 to dinner after they left the company.

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BamBam admitted he was glad that the “family-like relationship” continued, and J.Y. Park added that he’s even like a “best friend” to former JYP Entertainment artist Sunmi these days.

How close JYP Entertainment idols are to the JYP founder was proven when J.Y. Park discussed his recent participation in the “Jubi Slide” challenge, also called the “slick back” challenge.

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J.Y. Park’s slick back challenge, which was posted on Instagram, gained over 1.6 million likes and over 74,000 comments, but J.Y. Park admitted it went viral in a “bad” way.

After the people surrounding him in the dance practice room praised his Jubi Slide performance, he shared that he uploaded the video quickly to Instagram.

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Among the comments praising J.Y. Park’s video, he noticed one from TWICE‘s Jeongyeon, who hilariously told him, “PD, I think you need to practice more.

After reading the comment, the veteran artist contemplated deleting the video despite the amount of views it had.

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J.Y. Park decided to leave the video up, but the power TWICE’s Jeongyeon held over the decision wasn’t lost on netizens, who hilariously reacted to J.Y. Park’s confession.

My girl is never wrong, her power too LMAO Jeongyeon is the next CEO i fear.

— B (@JeongMi_B) November 17, 2023

jeongyeon made jyp wanna delete his slickback challenge LMFAOOO

— jeongyeon (@jysource) November 17, 2023

decades of dancing experience and one comment from jeongyeon made him question his dancing ability

— nin (@intojeongyeon) November 17, 2023

Check out more from their Bam’s House episode in the article below!

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