Koreans React To The Expected Punishment For The “9-Year-Old Murderer”

Koreans React To The Expected Punishment For The “9-Year-Old Murderer”

On November 17 (KST), Korean news outlets reported on the tragic death of a senior citizen in his 70s.

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The man was returning home from running errands when he was hit on the head by a rock thrown from about ten floors up.

Elderly Man Passes Away From Stone Thrown By Elementary School Student

Following the news, Koreans are expressing rage at the expected punishment for the culprit: A 9-year-old child from the same apartment complex.

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I don’t know who to blame. Should I hold the child’s parents responsible? Should I hold the child responsible? Or should I blame the law? This is so unfair. I’m devastated. I feel so bad for dad.

— The Victim’s Son

The police have made it clear that the child will be excluded from criminal liability because he is not “of age.” As a “law-violating child,” he would also be granted the protections provided under the Juvenile Act.

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Based on the expected punishment, or the lack thereof, some are hoping the late victim’s families can hold the child’s parents responsible…

| MBCNews/YouTube “The parents should be held responsible. That’s what ‘legal guardians’ do.” “Korea is such a great place for criminals to live in. There’s no reason to hide. The Korean law, courts, legal authorities, law makers, and policemen are all there to help make things easier for the culprits, not the victims.” “Rest in peace, grandpa.” “Please don’t give up holding the child and his parents responsible. You have all the right to blame them and make them own up to their sins. The laws should allow victims to do so. Parents should be held responsible for the sins of their children, so that the children can learn what their actions can cause. Educating them earlier on can help prevent tragedies like this.” “Should it be acceptable for a child to be let off the hook after he killed another human being? If it’s difficult to hold a child responsible, then the child’s parents should be held responsible. The parents owe the victim’s families financial compensation, at the VERY least.” “I can’t believe he died while helping his wife up the stairs… I can’t imagine how shocked the wife must be. I understand that the child won’t be liable, but I do believe the victim’s families could take the child’s parents to court. That’s the right thing to do, so the child can learn from his actions. The law needs to be changed ASAP.” “Sue the parents. Break their banks. Raising a child to be that irresponsible… The parents need that lesson.”

…while others demand changes in Korean policies, as more law-violating children and law-breaching minors “escape” penalization using the law.

| theqoo “Oh, gosh… This is heartbreaking.” “I don’t think the victim’s families can process what’s happening right now… This is so sad.” “What the f*ck? The parents should be held responsible. Don’t let the child grow up knowing he well killed another man but didn’t get punished for it. The victim’s son’s interview broke me.” “A murderer without a criminal record. He won’t feel guilt, ever.” “He was helping his wife who had trouble walking up the stairs. She must’ve relied on him a lot. What’s going to happen to her now?” “Penalize the parents instead. The victim did nothing wrong to deserve this. The law is useless.”

Watch the full news segment below.

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