SEVENTEEN’s DK Posts Sexy CEO-Style Photos But His Visuals Are Not What Netizens Are Looking At

SEVENTEEN’s DK Posts Sexy CEO-Style Photos But His Visuals Are Not What Netizens Are Looking At

In addition to being extremely talented, SEVENTEEN DK‘s visuals are off the charts, often leaving fans speechless with his handsome good looks.


However, in a recent photo shared by the idol, something in the background distracted from his looks.

SEVENTEEN were recently in Paris for the UNESCO Youth Forum at the organization’s headquarters, where they held a special performance and gave a speech on positive change.

| Pledis

For such an important occasion, it’s no surprise the group were dressed for success. DK took advantage of being dressed up nicely and shared photos for fans on Instagram.

| @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram | @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

DK gave off sexy CEO vibes in the various photos, but fans couldn’t help but notice something in the final image.

| @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

In a mirror selfie, a screen playing something can be seen in the background. Fans who took a closer look concluded that what was playing was possibly one of the three Fifty Shades Of Grey movies.

Fifty Shades of Grey is about a young woman who experiences a sexual awakening with an initially cold-hearted C.E.O. Dakota Johnson stars as the lead female character and favors the blurry woman shown on the screen in DK’s photo.


While it is not clear that that was what was playing on the screen, it was still distracting enough to inspire a viral tweet after fans commented on his Instagram post.

just realized fifty shades of grey is on in the background & that just makes this whole post even worse

— michelle saw dokyeom??? (@deekayeom) November 18, 2023

Check out another time fans were distracted from the photo’s subject below.

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