Pardi Drops Meg Thee Stallion Dis Track, X Gathers The Struggle Rapper

Pardi Drops Meg Thee Stallion Dis Track, X Gathers The Struggle Rapper

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It’s almost universally understood that Pardi fumbled the ball when he cheated on Meg Thee Stallion. Well, in order to up the struggle, he dropped a diss track aimed at his former flame, and he’s getting cooked for the tomfoolery.

Keeping it a been, we knew this inevitable after Meg dropped “Cobra” and made Pardi public enemy no. 1 when she rapped that he cheated on her in her own home. So there was Pardison Fontaine hopping on Al Gore’s Internet talking some ish about this is for Megan Thee Person and it only went downhill from there, respectfully.

Pardi with a smooth nice nasty SHEther 2.0 on Megan Thee Stallion…

Got lipo and then started posting gym pics

Stop playing with people who have a REAL pen game — and who knows the truth #AloneAtPromDeluxe #FreeToryLanez

— HarrietEve9 (@HarrietEve9) November 18, 2023

Pardi’s suspect retort is getting slandered for a myriad of reasons including the audacity to say he actually didn’t cheat on her in his crib or his use of the usual “loose woman” rhetoric. X users clearly aren’t falling for the okey doke and are dragging Pardi for all the filth.

And if you’re saying Pardi ate, we’re just going to assume you think Tory Lanez is a political prisoner. Good luck with that.

We compiled some of the best bombs aimed at Pardi, for archival purposes.

Pardi: “This is for Megan Thee Person”

— NUFF (@nuffsaidny) November 18, 2023

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