Netizens Have Strong Mixed Reactions To A Recent Hairstyle On TREASURE’s Hyunsuk

Netizens Have Strong Mixed Reactions To A Recent Hairstyle On TREASURE’s Hyunsuk

When it comes to unusual and sometimes questionable hairstyles, K-Pop idols under YG Entertainment arguably might be the biggest culprits.

CL | YG Entertainment

Over the years, there have been some very strange haircuts that idols from the label have been styled in — likely not by their own choice — and that doesn’t seem to be a trend that will stop anytime soon.

Sandara Park

Recently, TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk was spotted in an airport with a hairstyle that has netizens heavily divided on whether or not he was able to pull off the look.

Hyunsuk (TREASURE) | SBS

Sporting a face mask and sunglasses, Hyunsuk gave off a very hip-hop aesthetic with his blond hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.

It’s not unlike the style that Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender is known for, just in a much different color.

These photos, along with the below gif, were shared on an online forum post to see how people felt about the controversial style on Hyunsuk, who is naturally a very cute and handsome idol!

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Many netizens shared their distaste for the style, not specifically on Hyunsuk but just as an unflattering look to begin with.

Others think that the negative comments are going too far for what is really just a simple ponytail.

What do you think about this look on Hyunsuk?

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