Introducing The Siblings Of Each ITZY Member

Between the five members of ITZY (who recently released their first full-length album, Crazy In Love!), they have a total of six siblings, with none of them being only children! While there is at least one that you should certainly already know about, there might be others that you weren’t aware of. Here’s what we know about all of the brothers and sisters of YejiLiaRyujinChaeryeong, and Yuna!

1. Yeji

Yeji is one of three members of ITZY that has an older sister! Her sister’s name is Hwang Yeju, and she was born in 1998, making her two years older than Yeji, who was born in 2000. On July 11, 2020, Yeju even got married, and the members of ITZY attended the ceremony

2. Lia

Lia and younger brother

Lia is the only member of ITZY that has a younger brother! His name is Junsu, and he was born in 2004, making him four years younger than Lia, who was born in 2000. A fan once told Lia that her cousin attended the same school as her younger brother, and that he often spoke proudly of her!

3. Ryujin

Ryujin and her brother during “DALLA DALLA” era

Ryujin is the only member of ITZY that has an older brother! Not much is known about him, except that he is three years older than she is, and that during 2020 he was enlisted in the military.

4. Chaeryeong


Chaeryeong has a sister who is most likely the most well-known sibling of any of ITZY’s members: former IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon! Chaeyeon is about a year older than Chaeryeong, and participated in the competition show Produce 48 and finished in 12th place, which landed her a position in IZ*ONE as a trainee representing WM Entertainment. Since IZ*ONE disbanded, she has since transitioned into a soloist. The two siblings are often dubbed as the Chaesisters!

Chaeryeong and her younger sister

Chaeryeong also has a younger sister, whose name Chaemin! She was born in 2004, making her three years younger than the ITZY member, and she’s said to be a talented singer and dancer just like her older siblings!

5. Yuna

And finally, Yuna is the third member of ITZY that has an older sister! Like Ryujin’s older brother, however, not much is known about her, though during an interview one time, Yuna said that her sister is a big fan of BTOB, and it was actually when she was tagging along with her sibling to the KBS Gayo Daejun 2015 that she got spotted by a JYP Entertainment representative!

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