BTS’s Jungkook Extends An ARMY’s Video Fan Call Time For An Important Reason 

BTS’s Jungkook Extends An ARMY’s Video Fan Call Time For An Important Reason 

BTS‘s Jungkook gave an ARMY extra time during their video call for what he called an important reason!

BTS’s Jungkook | SBS

On November 3, Jungkook released his first solo album, Golden. In addition to performing on international programs, Jungkook also held the usual K-Pop release promotions, including music show attendance.

Another aspect of the K-Pop comeback process fans were excited for Jungkook to participate in was video fan call events. Before the album was released, BIGHIT Music shared that a lucky 60 fans be selected to talk to the artist for one minute through a raffle.

Many were excited for this to come as similar events held by Suga and Jimin resulted in some iconic moments.

BTS’s Suga Sends ARMY Into A Frenzy After Video Call Fansign

On November 18, the video call event took place, and fans worldwide shared bits of their special moments with Jungkook. Some took the chance to share their love and admiration for the artist, while others got him to recreate his childhood photos adorably.

20231118— Jungkook Video Call

I was able to tell how much I love him.

— hooya •• (@solanatkh) November 18, 2023

231118 정국 영통
아기 정국 과거 사진 챌린지 🫳🥹
(시간 부족 이슈로 3장만..🥲)#정국 #JUNGKOOK

— 둥 (@totiz91) November 18, 2023

Another ARMY’s video call has gone viral after Jungkook extended their time for an iconic reason.

In the past, Jungkook has shared his wish to share a drink with fans and has often done so on his livestreams.

: was i scolded by the company? ay no (i have been an idol for) so many years already why would i be scolded
: but in the groupchat they (members) told me not to do a live while drinking
: but i’m a man who doesn’t give up hello i’m jungkook

— haley (@vmination) February 3, 2023

This led one ARMY to share one of their favorite drink recipes with Jungkook during their video call in the most hands-on way possible. In their video clips shared on X, the fan mixes the drink as Jungkook watches with amusement.

Your browser does not support video.

After one minute has passed, a monitor can be heard instructing the fan to end the call though her demonstration was not yet finished. Jungkook, holding up his imaginary drink while she makes hers, tells them to wait, saying, “hold on, this is really important.

Your browser does not support video.

The ARMY finishes making the drink, and the two share cheers before Jungkook says goodbye.

Your browser does not support video.

Your browser does not support video.

Fans have enjoyed the video clips and look forward to Jungkook also making the drink during a future livestream!

No, the interaction is so cute!!! The way she explained *cutely* and the way he is attentive and responds so *cutely*

— AGirlHasNoName (@pardeMeRehnedo) November 18, 2023

She saw the chance to make his dream come true & took it, I love that for her

— Nico⁷ |||| D-DAY TOUR NYC2 (@CalaChao) November 18, 2023

he’s so real for this, a cocktail recipe during videocall fansign

— (@jungkooksgolden) November 18, 2023


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