TXT Hueningkai Challenges The Belief That Boy Groups “Aren’t Popular” With The General Public

TXT Hueningkai Challenges The Belief That Boy Groups “Aren’t Popular” With The General Public

There is a common belief among K-Pop fans that girl groups are more supported by the general public than their male counterparts. As of late, groups such as IVE, NewJeans, aespa, LE SSERAFIM, (G)I-DLE and more are dominating digital music charts. Boy groups, meanwhile, seldom cross the coveted Hot 100 chart.

This idea is what TXT‘s Hueningkai challenged in an interview with Weverse Magazine. They asked him, “Do you think you’ll ever all be satisfied with the way things turn out?”

He replied that one of his motivations right now is being able to change the common perception that the public has with groups like his. He said that he wants to “challenge the kind of image that boy groups have.”

Umm…it’s possible that might never happen, of course. But I think it’s only right that we keep trying our best. I’ve changed a lot during this whole time. I guess what influenced me a lot was that I want to challenge the kind of image that boy groups have.

— Hueningkai

| @txt_bighit/Instagram

He acknowledged that there is a prejudice against boy groups, admitting that many believe that non K-Pop fans tend to be familiar with girl groups only.

Some people say boy groups aren’t popular with the wider public, but I wanted to let the world know who we are and prove ourselves.

— Hueningkai

TXT is working hard to make this dream a reality. Hueningkai ended his answer by saying that they are on a constant pursuit to be better than they were each previous comeback.

These days, no matter what happens, we’re grown enough to realize that it could always be worse, and we cheer each other on so we can keep working hard. Looking back now, I can see we’ve always worked hard to go further and beyond—like making a new album better than the last, then the next one even better, and on and on. That’s what TXT is all about, you know? We have to keep on keeping on. Like we always have, like it’s always been.

— Hueningkai

TXT made a comeback in October with their album The Name Chapter: Freefall.

TXT | @txt_bighit/Instagram

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