SISTAR19 (Hyolyn and Bora), known as unit legends, has confirmed their comeback in the music industry in January next year according to Edaily on November 16. 

SISTAR19, which consists of members Hyolyn and Bora of the 4-member girl group SISTAR, which debuted in 2010, has been back to back with the debut single ‘Ma Boy’ in 2011 and the single ‘Gone Not Around Anymore’ released in 2013. It was a successful hit. The differentiated unit concept of crossing the line between girl and lady caused a big stir in the music industry at the time, and they created issues with each activity with their unique charm.

SISTAR19’s comeback this time is a long time since it has been in the music industry for 11 years, so it is expected to be completely reorganized as a new trend hot version in 2024 and return with a stronger charm.

In particular, SISTAR19 was the first unit introduced by SISTAR, the original legendary girl group that led the K-pop boom, and rose to the top of the music industry by leading the new trend at the time. Member Hyolyn’s energetic and explosive singing ability, member Bora’s husky yet firm rapping, and the overwhelming performance of the two members at once are expected to once again complete the unprecedented chemistry.

Accordingly, members Hyolyn and Bora plan to reorganize all areas from singing to choreography for the newly reunited SISTAR 19 and upgrade the team color with new trends. Hyolyn is expected to be the center of the unit as she is not only holding a solo concert ‘2023 Hyolyn Show One Night Only’ on December 9th, but is also actively working as a solo female singer. Bora is expected to be the center of the unit, showing off her overwhelming performance skills on stage. She is determined to demonstrate her skills even more than she did during my prime.

As they return to the music industry 11 years after their second single, interest inside and outside the music industry is focused on what kind of evolution SISTAR19 will undergo in 2024.

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