New Jersey Post-Punk Project Stare Away Debuts Video for “My Cathedral”

Newcomers Stare Away, hailing from New Jersey, craft a distinctive sonic identity, skillfully blending classic punk with electronic undertones. Their sound, a refreshing synthesis of influences, draws significantly from the rich tapestry of the late 70s and 80s music scene. By channeling elements from pioneers like The Sound and The Cure, they pay homage to the brooding, emotive textures of post-punk. Meanwhile, the influence of John Maus and Current Joys injects a modern twist, infusing their music with a blend of lo-fi electronic and indie-rock sensibilities.

My Cathedral’ was written in a time of grief and confusion during the pandemic. “Isolation got pretty bad, not even leaving out my front door four straight days. I thought I was going insane at some points.”

The song delves into the labyrinthine corridors of self-blame and the Sisyphean struggle for happiness in the wake of love’s disillusionment. The song’s introspective narrative grapples with the burdens of their own decisions in matters of the heart. It’s a poignant reflection on the nature of love, not as a mere emotion, but as a complex, ever-evolving construct that shapes and reshapes our understanding of joy and contentment. The haunting melody underscores a theme of hopelessness, not in a nihilistic sense, but rather as a profound acknowledgment of the arduous journey towards emotional recuperation. The song fades in with an eerie buzz that brings you on set of The Blair Witch Project. Chased by a smashing snare and 80s dance kicks, a heavy driven bass opens a range of psychedelic synths drifting into anguished vocals.

While the themes are heavy, My Cathedral does not merely dwell in the shadowy realms of despair, however; it also embarks on a quest for peace amidst the uncertainty of love’s future. It’s a peace not found in the arms of another, but in the solitary acceptance of love as an ephemeral, yet transformative force that resonates with anyone who has navigated the turbulent seas of love and come out on the other side – not unscathed, but certainly wiser.

Watch the video for “My Cathedral” below:

Stare Away is currently in the studio, planning to release more music by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

Listen to “My Cathedral” below via Bandcamp:

My Cathedral by Stare Away

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