N∆EON TE∆RDROPS Unveils the Phantasmagorical Synthpop of “Haunted”

N∆EON TE∆RDROPS Unveils the Phantasmagorical Synthpop of “Haunted”

In his transcendent realm, musician Per Martinsen as N∆EON TE∆RDROPS reveals a celestial persona, weaving a captivating sonic narrative that resonates deeply with the innermost recesses of the human spirit. The beauty of music lies in its silent spaces, where raw emotions create a lasting impact. These still moments bring the notes to life, revealing the soul of the music. Each pause reflects, immersing us in the full range of emotions. A song truly comes alive in these spaces floating in time, spaces that transport us to another realm, the realm of N∆EON TE∆RDROPS

“Haunted”, another phantasmagorical single from N∆EON TE∆RDROPS’ debut album TESTIMONY, is out today.

Haunted navigates the delicate terrain of grappling with a profound dilemma: the heartfelt love and unwavering support one extends to a cherished individual, only to find that these well-intentioned efforts fall short in alleviating their profound struggles. It’s a poignant portrayal of the disheartening reality where the depths of one’s affection – while genuine and profound – prove insufficient to extricate a loved one from their tribulations. Despite an earnest desire to uplift and provide solace, there exists an inherent powerlessness in the face of their pain. The composition captures the profound empathy and compassionate helplessness experienced when acknowledging that the capacity for change resides beyond one’s control.

The music video for Haunted, unfolds within the labyrinthine confines of a psychiatric hospital, a setting that metaphorically mirrors the sensation of becoming adrift—a sentiment that likely resonates deeply with those who find themselves empathetically observing the turmoil unfolding in today’s world. Within these endless corridors, the visual narrative captures the profound sense of powerlessness that often accompanies bearing witness to the collective chaos and instability that characterizes our contemporary reality. It’s strangely serene gliding through the halls, given the location, but for many these places can also paradoxically bring a sense of peace and solace from the outside world.

Watch the video for “Haunted Below” below:

An unreleased alternative version of SHADOWSISTER is also included in the release.

In 1987, Per Martinsen left his wintry hometown of Tromsø, Norway, without a definite destination in mind – but serendipity was on his side when he ended up occupying a squat in Hackney, East London. During his stay in Hackney, he was introduced to the early sounds of Chicago house and Detroit techno. This experience catalyzed his extensive three-decade career as an electronic dance music producer. Martinsen has since produced many records and remixes under his MENTAL OVERDRIVE alias and has also been involved in various projects and collaborations, such as ILLUMINATION/CHILLUMINATI and FROST.

Martinsen is the author of the intriguing Pyramids On The Moon, a fictional “multi-dimensional autobiography” where he explores three alternative timelines and/or parallel universe versions of his own life, and where each of his three branching interdimensional personas create music under different artist aliases. The book was written as part of an artistic Ph.D. project over the past three years at the Arctic University of Norway.

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