Keke Palmer’s Momma Claims She Lied About Usher Being “Gay” To Protect Her Daughter

Keke Palmer’s Momma Claims She Lied About Usher Being “Gay” To Protect Her Daughter

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty / Keke Palmer / Sharon Palmer

The Keke Palmer / Darius Jackson drama hit another level, and poor Usher is caught a stray for no reason after Keke’s momma brought up the singer’s name during a recorded phone conversation.
Spotted on HipHopDX, Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, is now copping pleas after claiming Usher was “gay” and now says she only said that to protect her daughter.

Her allegations came during a recording of an intense phone call with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, which surfaced online on Wednesday, November 15, following allegations of Jackson being abusive towards Keke Palmer.

Per HipHopDX:

During the heated conversation, Palmer can be heard yelling at Jackson for “harassing” her daughter, calling him a “dick sucker” and saying he has “mental problems.”

She also references the incident that sparked issues between the couple (at least in the public eye): the viral clip of the Nope star dancing with Usher during the singer’s Las Vegas residency earlier this year.

“Usher is gay!” she exclaimed. “You and your stupid-ass family, y’all don’t even understand business. Usher’s gay, guys.”

Sharon Palmer Quickly Clarifies Why She Lied About Usher’s Sexuality

As expected, the recording went viral on social media and was picked up by multiple news outlets. Sharon Palmer quickly ran to Instagram to explain her “lie” about Usher’s sexuality after saying she was worried about her daughter’s “safety.”

“The lie I told about Usher was to get Darius to stop abusing my daughter on account of his jealousy,” she wrote in a comment on The Neighborhood Talk’s page, as reported by HipHopDX. “So I said he didn’t like women for her SAFETY.”

“Everything else I meant with my chest and didn’t expect anyone to hear it because recording me is illegal. I guess he is okay with jail but I knew that when he put his hands on my daughter. He is still abusing her in all of this, trying to paint himself as a victim. Textbook behavior.”

Damn, Usher didn’t do anything but give Keke Palmer an experience at his show.

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