Japanese Figure Skating Legend Yuzuru Hanyu Announces Divorce Just Months After Marriage

Japanese Figure Skating Legend Yuzuru Hanyu Announces Divorce Just Months After Marriage

Legendary Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu previously announced his marriage on August 4, 2023.

I, Yuzuru Hanyu, have decided to get married… I’ll continue to spend my life with everyone who has supported me, along with figure skating, living life, and moving forward with everything I’ve got.

—Yuzuru Hanyu

A few months later, just past midnight on November 18, 2023, he announced his divorce. Through Japanese media, Hanyu shared his intentions to divorce his wife due to various difficulties.

宜しくお願いいたします。 pic.twitter.com/fq3IGszBM8

— 羽生結弦official_Staff 公式 (@YUZURUofficial_) November 17, 2023

Korean fans have since translated the announcement into their language, which has been further translated into English below.

To everyone who has supported me,

Thank you so much for your warm words and encouragement as always. It is a personal matter, but there is something I want to tell you guys. I previously married a non-celebrity. We married each other after undertaking that we both sincerely respect and treasure each other. We have both taken a few things into consideration in order to protect each other and have overcome things together. As we lived like that, the situation where my wife was not able to take a single step outside the house continued to happen. She acted so as to protect me, and has been supportive of me.

Currently, a variety of media outlets have been acting in an untoward way, verbally harassing, stalking, investigating and publishing without permission, involving my non-celebrity wife, her family, or those related to her, as well as my family, and those related to me. Even in our own homes, there were times where suspicious people would come by, even screaming at us.

But as I was unskilled in dealing with it, currently, it is very difficult for us to bear this, and it is hard to continue to protect ourselves if the situation continues. Considering the chances that the situation will continue, even if it temporarily gets better, thinking of the future and her happiness, in order for her happiness to not be limited, we have decided to get divorced.

Moving forward, I sincerely beseech of you, to stop all the harassment, stalking, and untoward behavior towards my non-celebrity [former] partner, her family and those related to her, as well as towards those of mine.

Please continue to support me in the future.

— Yuzuru Hanyu

| Taipei Times

Fans continue to send their warm words of support and love to the star.

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