ITZY’s Lia To Take A Hiatus Due To Health Concerns

ITZY‘s Lia will be taking a hiatus due to health concerns.

In a statement released by JYP Entertainment, they have announced Lia will be absent from ITZY’s comeback preparations and world tour in January due to health concerns.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about Lia’s health status and future activities.

Currently, Lia is experiencing symptoms of tension and anxiety while undergoing her schedules.

As a result of the diagnosis made by a specialized doctor, she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and will focus on treatment.

After sufficient discussion with Lia herself and the ITZY members, Lia will be absent from the production of ITZY’s new album and the group’s world tour schedules in January.

For the fans who are sad about this news, we will release the lyric video for Lia’s solo track “Blossom” today.

We ask for your warm support and love. We will continue to do our best for Lia’s recovery.

Thank you once again to the fans who always care about ITZY.

— JYP Entertainment

Below is the lyric video for Lia’s solo track “Blossom”.

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