DJ Soda Exposes Celebrity Neighbor For Kissing In Front Of Apartment

DJ Soda Exposes Celebrity Neighbor For Kissing In Front Of Apartment

DJ Soda revealed the name of a celebrity that she saw making out with someone.

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Recently, DJ Soda was a guest on a popular YouTube show. On this day, one of the hosts asked the DJ if she had ever lived in the Young Deung Po district in Seoul.

DJ Soda then jokingly replied by asking if the host was Kim Gi Ri. Kim Gi Ri is a popular Korean comedian who rose to fame through KBS’s legendary live sketch show, Gag Concert.

Kim Gi Ri | Kukje News

Tak Jae Hoon then asked DJ Soda why she would bring up Kim Gi Ri, to which the DJ revealed a story about the comedian.

I don’t have anything to do with him (Kim Gi Ri). But, when I first started to DJ, I lived in a small villa. But one day, while entering the building, I saw someone kissing. He was kissing someone in front of a black car, and I pretended like I didn’t see anything.

— DJ Soda

DJ Soda then revealed it was Kim Gi Ri and that later, he had brought up the incident when they met in person.

I wasn’t sure if he had seen me, but I bumped into him often in the elevator. It was Kim Gi Ri. At the time, we acted like we didn’t know each other. He was my neighbor.

At the time, a lot of comedians would go over to his place. I would bump into them often, so I was very shy. Later, I met Kim Gi Ri at a private gathering, and he brought up the incident first.

— DJ Soda

You can watch DJ Soda’s full episode in the link below.

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