STAYs Demand For JYP Entertainment To Respect Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

STAYs Demand For JYP Entertainment To Respect Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

STAYs are calling for JYP Entertainment to respect Stray KidsHyunjin.


Recently, Stray Kids made their comeback with the album ROCK-STAR. So, the official Stray Kids account on X (formerly Twitter) posted the group’s video ad at COEX in Seoul. Yet, strangely, it was shared in two clips…

Lalalala la lalalala
서울 코엑스에 등장한 樂-STAR, 스키즈

You can find us at COEX in Seoul! #StrayKids #스트레이키즈#樂_STAR #ROCK_STAR#락 #樂 #LALALALA#StrayKidsComeback#YouMakeStrayKidsStay

— Stray Kids (@Stray_Kids) November 16, 2023

And STAYs noticed one member was omitted: Hyunjin. Many feel it was intentional.

All eight members were included in the COEX AD in Seoul. There was no reason to crop Hyunjin’s part out especially since you divided the AD into two separate videos.

— Hyunjin 현진 Central (@HHJCentral) November 16, 2023

This triggered memories of previous instances in which Hyunjin was allegedly disrespected by his company.

1.Being forced to perform injured for 8 months
2.Being benched from all varieties for 4 comebacks
3.Getting the least lines and screentime
4.Not being protected
5.Not even getting a rt for his campaign
6.Getting cropped from ads

— Leticia J loves Hyunjin🩷 (@MirkwoodFerret) November 16, 2023

Many STAYs feel that JYP Entertainment has failed to protect Hyunjin throughout the years and that he doesn’t receive equal treatment.

So, STAYs are calling on JYP Entertainment to treat the Stray Kids members equally and respect Hyunjin. #JYPRespectHyunjin is trending on X with 22.6K posts at the time of writing.

it’s as simple as treating all the members with respect. was it really that difficult to edit and make sure all eight are seen?


— ellie ✦ (@hyunehans) November 16, 2023

y’all don’t deserve hyunjin. dont deserve how hard he works and how much love he gives unconditionally on a daily basis. he deserves so much better yet his own so called fans treat him like bs and his own company mistreats him constantly


— lara IS YOUR FAV HYUNHOER ⤮ fan account (@ladorokii) November 16, 2023

we will not stop until we get a clear explanation on what is happening. The amount of disrespect JYPE has shown towards Hyunjin these days is extremely upsetting. Hyunjin works very hard and to see him get disrespected by his own company is sickening.


— B Hyunjin (@hyuniihwang) November 16, 2023

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