PSL & Dan YOHEL Drop New Fire Music Video



Off his French album ‘Toujours la’ PSL brings us a unique collaboration with artist Dan YOHEL. Faut S’unir is a song expressing unity in the world. Both artists give us insight into how they feel about Unity and why we need it globally.

How did this collaboration come together?

I was working on my French album and met Dan at the club after a day in the studio. He told me he’s from Ivory Coast and is currently in Canada to work on his music. We talked about music and exchanged information. I listened to his latest release titled ‘Séparé’ and knew immediately I had to get him on my album! I invited Dan to my studio a few days later.

We started talking about where were from, political issues in both of our countries, and what we could do to raise awareness to bring a positive outcome.

Within 4 hours we had recorded ‘Faut S’unir’. A few months later we recorded the music video and here we are today ready for the world to hear our message.

I definitely recommend people check out Dan Yohel’s other songs and keep supporting Canadian/international artists.

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