‘Overwatch 2’ and ‘Dead Island 2’ join ‘Elden Ring’ in getting streetwear clothing

‘Overwatch 2’ and ‘Dead Island 2’ join ‘Elden Ring’ in getting streetwear clothing

Overwatch 2 and Dead Island 2 are getting streetwear drops from luxury streetwear brand ARK/8 following a drop earlier this year of Elden Ring-related streetwear earlier this year.

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ARK/8 announced the news today (November 16), and confirmed that both collections will have different inspirations. The Overwatch collection will be “shining a spotlight on two countries – South Korea and Japan” and will be specifically focused on “two fan-favorite characters, D. VA from Busan and Genji from Hanamura.”

ARK/8 creator Dimitri van Eetvelde shone a little light on the decision to make a luxury line inspired by Overwatch, stating that:

“It’s really important for me that ARK/8 reflects a global audience. I think that is partly why I love games like Overwatch, with its expansive roster of international characters and vibrant maps, it instantly resonated with ARK/8’s DNA of global exploration.”

Dead Island Ark8 Clothing (Credit: Ark8)

The Dead Island 2 ARK/8 drop will attempt to replicate the style of Los Angeles, with ARK/8 attempting to “bring forth urban, bold designs with an added touch of the classic US college style through long-sleeved organic cotton fleece sweatshirts.”

Eetvelde also spoke about the choice to make a luxury line based on Dead Island, stating that the line is “about channeling LA’s bold, urban vibe.”

Prices for items in both sets will range from £115 to £1300 and will be available for pre-order from 16th November 2023 on the official ARK/8 website.

This isn’t the first time that ARK/8 has released clothing inspired by the latest video games. The luxury designer released an Elden Ring collection in October of this year that replicates the style of The Lands Between and aimed to capture the substance of the game.

As part of the drop, van Eetvelde told NME why gaming is a good fit for streetwear.

In other news, Baldur’s Gate 3 studio Larian will be attempting to push “many boundaries” with its next game.

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