Mitski to write music and lyrics for stage adaptation of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

Mitski to write music and lyrics for stage adaptation of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

Mitski has been confirmed to write the music and lyrics for an upcoming stage adaptation of The Queen’s Gambit.

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The stage adaptation – first announced in 2021 – was announced to be moving forward today by producers Level Forward on social media, in which it confirmed Mitski’s role in the musical.

Playwright Eboni Booth (Primary Trust) writing the play while Obie Award-winner Whitney White (Jaja’s African Hair Braiding) is set to direct the stage adaptation. The stage musical adaptation has yet to receive a debut date but is currently in production.

Mitski said of her involvement in the stage adaptation, per The Hollywood Reporter: “Before Level Forward even brought the idea of making a musical of The Queen’s Gambit, I was a fan of the Netflix show, and an even greater fan of the original novel. So I was already determined to be a member of this team.”

She continued: “And then I met Eboni and Whitney, and my determination grew tenfold! I absolutely had to be a part of this! I am ecstatic to get to work with all of these amazing creatives, who’ve each built beautiful and unique repertoires of their own.”

A cast for the stage adaptation of The Queen’s Gambit has yet to be announced.

The Queen’s Gambit story originated in a 1983 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis. The Queen’s Gambit tells the story of Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix series) who becomes a chess prodigy. It follows her journey from growing up in an orphanage to her stint as a world-class chess player who used prescription drugs to boost her game strategy.

Mitski released her latest album ‘The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We’ on September 15. The record scored a four-star review, with Mia Hughes writing for NME: “The choices and the arrangements on ‘The Land is Inhospitable…’ are some of Mitski’s most complex and richest, yet they translate to such simplicity, a statement that there is pain and love and that’s it. Those are the ingredients with which we make everything.”

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