Fact Check: Did TXT’s Soobin And RIIZE’s Seunghan Insult LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae During A Leaked Livestream?

Fact Check: Did TXT’s Soobin And RIIZE’s Seunghan Insult LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae During A Leaked Livestream?

Following a leaked video, TXT‘s Soobin and RIIZE‘s Seunghan are being accused of badmouthing LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae, but is that actually the case?

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae RIIZE’s Seunghan TXT’s Soobin

On November 16, a video featuring who appeared to be TXT’s Soobin and RIIZE’s Seunghan surfaced online. In the clip, the two people are seen talking on a shared Instagram Live that only has around four viewers.

While talking on the split screen, the person believed to be Seunghan can be heard saying insulting things about someone before mentioning Eunchae. The person thought to be Soobin responds by saying he will show him something before using his toes to mimic the middle finger gesture.

홍은채랑 홍승한 친함?
근데 승한띠니는 대체 누굴 저렇게 열심히 까는거노 pic.twitter.com/uW4lrUOLbu

— 윤희inthehouse (@loveuneelove) November 16, 2023

Seunghan: It’s a fact. You can’t dance, sing, or rap. You’re just all excited just because you MC-ed for Music Bank. You even got to meet our Eunchae
Soobin: I have something to show you. *turns camera to show his foot making the gesture*

Based on the actual context of the chat and Soobin’s reaction, it is more likely that Seunghan was jokingly saying those things about Soobin rather than Eunchae. Her mention was likely related to when Soobin hosted Music Bank alongside Eunchae in early 2023.


This is not the first time Seunghan has dealt with videos and clips leaked — around the time of RIIZE’s debut, photos of Seunghan with a woman and doing an Instagram live with friends surfaced online.

International Fans Defend RIIZE’s Seunghan After Alleged “Couple Photos” Suddenly Surface Online

After sharing proof that the video was not badmouthing Eunchae, fans have shared their hopes that invasions of privacy like that won’t happen again.

while it is absolutely a privacy invasion for leaking seunghan & soobin’s personal sns but i do wanna clarify something bc people may get the wrong impression esp as far as im concerned, pannchoa provided an inaccurate translation & people shouldnt take their convo out of context

— 넷 (@riize_net) November 16, 2023

this is the THIRD time that seunghan’s privacy has been invaded, and this time a friend of his who’s well-known is involved, which is completely unfair. i am not sure why it is taking SM so long to file a lawsuit against this group of individuals who have done nothing but harm…

— kat (@031002s) November 16, 2023

seunghan has literally been through so much and has had his privacy invaded SO MUCH and he only debuted like 2 months ago……… yall give me a headache…… leave him ALONE

— sam ☻ (@telxpathyoongi) November 16, 2023

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