Celebrities Show Their Support For G-Dragon Amidst Drug Scandal

Amidst BIGBANG member G-Dragon‘s drug scandal, numerous figures in the fashion and entertainment industries are showing support for him through a social media challenge.

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Recently, a campaign with the words “Guardians of Daisy” and a symbol made of daisies has been circulating on social media. The symbol is the same as G-Dragon’s fashion brand Peaceminusone, and the official Instagram for the brand posted this campaign in support of their CEO.

Peaceminusone also shared the rules of the campaign, encouraging people to use an Instagram filter called “GD GuardiansOfDaisy” and the hashtags #Guardians_Of_Daisy and #WestandwithGDragon.

| @peaceminusonedotcom/Instagram

Many celebrities posted stories and Instagrams with this filter and hashtags, showing their support for G-Dragon.

2NE1 member CL used the “Guardians of Daisy” filter on top of old pictures of her and G-Dragon from their BIGBANG and 2NE1 days.

| @chaelincl/Instagram

Soo Joo, a muse of Chanel and a Korean-American fashion model, also participated in the challenge. She uploaded a photo of the filter featuring a rabbit figure.

| @soojoo/Instagram

Korean-Canadian rapper and producer Paul Blanco also showed his support, saying, “Free da goat man.

G-Dragon’s sister Kwon Dami and her actor husband, Kim Min Joon, also joined the challenge.

| @moonbangno1/Instagram

Many people abroad working in the fashion industry also showed their support for G-Dragon, including fashion designer Laurence Dacade, who designed shoes for Chanel, and Michel Gaubert, a Paris-based sound illustrator.

| @michelgaubert/Instagram

YGX dancer and choreographer Kwon Young Don, also known as DONY, shared the filter and tagged the singer.

| @_______youngmoney/Instagram

There were so many more celebrities and fans who participated in this campaign to support G-Dragon.

Last month, the police received a tip that employees at entertainment adult establishments were using drugs. In the process of investigation, actor Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon were accused of using drugs. However, in an interview on November 13, G-Dragon claimed that he had “never taken drugs or given them to anyone” and that if drug components were detected in his body, “it would be absurd.

| My Daily

His drug tests came back negative, however, people were suspicious when he removed all his body hair (used for drug tests) prior to the drug tests.


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