BTS V’s Recent Worrying Weverse Post Has ARMYs Sending Well Wishes

BTS V’s Recent Worrying Weverse Post Has ARMYs Sending Well Wishes

All ARMYs want is for the members of BTS to be happy and healthy, and V is no exception.


So, after V’s recent reply on Weverse, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs were worried about the idol’s condition.

On November 16, a fan wrote a post on BTS’s Weverse page, explaining, “I am so exhausted today, I think I’m going to get some rest.”

| BTS/Weverse

In the reply, V showcased his love for the ARMY but also shared some worrying information about himself.

Be careful of the flu, I am currently in the process of coming back alive.

— BTS’s V

| BTS/Weverse

While the direct translation seems quite serious, it is actually commonly used in Korea and is used to imply that someone is getting better from an illness. In particular, in this context, the idol explained that he was getting over being very sick.

Of course, despite the context or wording, V revealed that he had been sick, and it meant that ARMYs shared their words of support and well-wishes.


— LAYO( ꪜ )ER (@mybwits) November 16, 2023

be careful not to catch a cold, I’m recovering after almost dying (taehyung caught a cold)

be careful & get well soon taehyung ‍🩹

— *✧ ꪜ (@taeteluv_) November 16, 2023

Taehyung, we send our warm wishes, hugs and love your way for a speedy recovery! Your strength will see you through. Stay warm, rest well, and allow yourself the time to heal. Please take care of yourself and get well soon, beloved.


— The Purple Herald (@thepurpleherald) November 16, 2023

Taehyung commented on weverse post:
: I’m so tired today that I need to take a rest
: Be careful not to catch a cold,I’m recovering after almost dying…(Taehyung caught a cold)

Oh baby be careful and get well soon

— thv updates (@DailylofV) November 16, 2023

As always, ARMYs just want V to be healthy, and they will be sending all their well wishes for the idol’s full recovery.

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