BTS J-Hope’s Extravagant Gift To Crush That Introduced The Singer To “A New World”

BTS J-Hope’s Extravagant Gift To Crush That Introduced The Singer To “A New World”

On November 15, soloist Crush appeared on KBS2‘s Problem Child In House as a guest and talked about performing at BTS member J-Hope‘s sister’s wedding.

Crush | @crush9244/Instagram BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

The topic came up when Kim Jong Kook, one of the hosts, mentioned the popularity of Crush’s song “Beautiful” as a wedding song. The singer responded by revealing that he, in fact, gets many invitations to sing at weddings. But, according to Crush, those kinds of gigs are the hardest since the sound equipment is usually not the best, and the atmosphere is tricky.

Despite these concerns, however, Crush has sung at some celebrity weddings. He was spotted at Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon‘s star-studded nuptials, singing a congratulatory song. He also sang for the wedding of Choiza recently, a Korean hip-hop artist.

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon at their wedding Crush and EXO’s D.O. performing at Park Shin Hye’s wedding

Crush also performed at the wedding of Jung Jiwoo, a famous influencer and business owner and also the older sister of J-Hope. She got married in a private ceremony back in 2021.

(Left) J-Hope’s sister Jiwoo

Regarding his performance at the wedding, Crush confessed that he was very nervous since he knew BTS would be attending the event.

I felt like I was doing an audition because BTS were among the guests. I was very nervous and wanted to do well.

— Crush

When the hosts asked if he received any gift at the event, the singer revealed that he got an expensive mic from J-Hope. It was customized with a handle covered in crystals!

| @crush9244/Instagram

Thanks to J-Hope’s thoughtful gift, Crush said he got to experience a “whole new world” of stage equipment.

I am experiencing a new world of sound equipment thanks to J-Hope…I can’t use other mics anymore.

— Crush

Meanwhile, Crush and J-Hope are known to be close industry friends, and the two also worked together on the former’s single “Rush Hour” last year.

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