Who’s Dating Who? The “Strong Girl Nam Soon” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

Who’s Dating Who? The “Strong Girl Nam Soon” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

Strong Girl Nam Soon is the highly anticipated spin-off to the successful 2017 drama Strong Girl Bong Soon. Starring Lee Yoo Mi as Nam Soon, the cousin of Bong Soon, Strong Girl Nam Soon tells the story of another woman blessed with the gift of supernatural strength.

Lee Yoo Mi as Nam Soon (yellow panel) | JBTC

While Strong Girl Nam Soon can be considered a crime thriller drama, plenty is going on in the main characters’ love lives for those who enjoy romance. Many of the cast also have public romances viewers are likely curious about!

Many supporting cast members, like Han Sang Jo, who plays Gang Nam In, Bong Soon’s twin brother, and Joo Woo Jae, who plays Ji Hyun Soo, have not had public relationships revealed.

Han Sang Jo | JBTC Woo Jae Woo | JBTC

The two lead characters, Yoo Mi and Ong Seong Wu, may have already shared a kiss in the drama, but neither has a public relationship. ”

Ong Weong Wu | JBTC

Some of the cast have been rumored to be in relationships in the past — Byeon Woo Seok, who plays the villainous Ryu Shi Oh, had such amazing chemistry with his 20th Century Girl co-star, Kim Yoo Jung, netizens believed they might be dating IRL.

Kim Yoo Jung (left) and Ryu Shi Oh (right) | @byeonwooseok/Instagram

Young Tak, who plays Oh Young Tak, was also rumored to be in a relationship with singer Yoon Hee after his second-place finish on Mr. Trot.

Young Tak | JBTC

Park Gyeong Ree (also known as former 9MusesKyungri), who appears as Noh Seon Saeng, was in a public relationship with 2AM‘s Jinwoon from 2019 to 2021.

Park Gyeong Ree (right) and 2AM’s Jinwoon | Wikitree

The actress who plays Yoo Mi’s mother, Kim Jung Eun, is married! Kim Jung Eun married her non-celebrity husband in 2016.


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