Veteran Actress Kim Hye Soo Takes A Stance On The Crisis In Gaza

Veteran actress Kim Hye Soo has publically shared her stance on the latest situation regarding the crisis in Gaza.

Actress Kim Hye Soo | Netflix

Although the conflict between Israel and Palestine dates back decades, it has garnered international attention over the past few months since Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel. Since then, there have been continuous retaliatory airstrikes by Israeli forces across the Gaza Strip. With civilians being killed, citizens have voiced their opinions, with many asking for a ceasefire.

A “Free Palestine”/”Stop the Attack on Gaza” march is taking place in Tokyo this evening. It looks like some of the left-wing groups that participated in previous demonstrations are present. (video from @j_fleuri)

— Jeffrey J. Hall (@mrjeffu) November 10, 2023

Hundreds of protestors march through Union Station in #Toronto after occupying Canada’s busiest transportation hub to demand a ceasefire & an end to the siege on #Gaza.

Today is the start of #ShutItDown4Palestine: daily actions worldwide until demands are met.

Video: Raisa Ally

— Javier Dávila #FreePalestine #NoOneIsDisposable (@XjusticeXpeace) November 9, 2023

On November 14, actress Kim Hye Soo shared her own stance on the situation on Facebook. In both English and Korean, the actress reposted two stories from both UNICEF and UNICEF Korea where it spoke about the casualties and asked for an immediate “ceasefire.”

When the post reached social media, netizens reacted positively to the actress’s posts. In particular, many pointed out that she is one of the few top Korean stars who has addressed the issue in any way.

Korean actress Kim Hyesoo posts an Instagram story in English and Korean demanding a ceasefire

Love to see them actors or idols supporting palestine .

— ︎ (@THEENANZ) November 14, 2023

#kimhyesoo unnie extends her condolences to all UN staff around the world and colleagues in Gaza through a post from @unicefkorea
calling for an immediate ceasefire to protect everyone.

sr: khs’ igs | unicef_kr

— claire (@hyesoocream) November 14, 2023

Kim Hye Soo has almost a million followers, with fans from across the world.

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