The Beautiful 40-Year-Old Model Who Hasn’t Aged In 20 Years

While aging is a natural part of life, there’s no denying that people will often try to reverse its effects as they grow older. As such, netizens are often mystified by those who defy the aging process and look young, naturally or through other means.

Even non-celebrities like 48-year-old Lure Hsu and her family gain attention for their unchanging and youthful looks.

Lure Hsu | @lurehsu/Instagram

Korean model Han Hye Jin is another 40-year-old who has gained attention for looking extremely youthful!

Born on March 23, 1983, Han Hye Jin seems to have gotten her start modeling in the early 2000s, walking in shows for brands like Louis Vuitton, DKYN, and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few.

Han Hye Jin in 2006.


Han Hye-Jin @ Chanel Resort 2008 #Model #HanHyeJin #Chanel #2000s #Runway #Fashion

♬ I Wait (Mall Grab Remix) [Mixed] – Ron Blanco

In addition to walking in numerous New York Fashion Week shows, Han Hye Jin also appeared in many magazines at this time.

Han Hye Jin in 2007 | Elle Girl Kore

As models age, it is not unusual for them to move on to other ventures, sometimes being pushed out for younger faces in the industry.

This is not the case for Han Hye Jin, luckily! In addition to continuing her modeling career, she has become a TV personality, hosting shows like Heart Signal 3, Leader’s Love, and Cohabiting, Not Married.

And as you can see from recent photos, she has not appeared to age one day!

The model is also active on her YouTube channel, with a following of over 500 thousand!

It is amazing to see this ageless beauty living her best life!

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