Sony Drops First ‘Madame Web’ Trailer For Latest ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff

Sony Drops First ‘Madame Web’ Trailer For Latest ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff

Source: Courtesy of Sony Pictures / Sony

With the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe dramatically waning over the past few years, Sony Pictures is taking quite the gamble by continuing to put out Spider-Man spinoff flicks without actually connecting them to any of the Spider-Man films themselves.

Though they experienced surprising success with 2018’s Venom, Sony suffered a huge L with the release of Morbius. But now they’re hoping that their latest Spider-Man spinoff, Madame Web, will avoid the same struggle reception that Jared Leto’s living vampire took at the box office in 2022. Dropping off their first trailer for the Dakota Johnson-led film, Madame Web centers around Johnson’s character (Cassandra Webb a.k.a Madame Web) who finds herself in a sticky situation as she realizes not only can she see the future, but is being hunted down by a man from her distant past (Tahar Rahim).

To make matters even more interesting, Webb unknowingly ends up assembling a team of Spider-Women who are played by Sidney Sweeny, Isabela Merced, and Emma Roberts. Knowing they have to stop Rahim from taking them out, the four get together and put on their best Spider-Women outfits and take to the streets to save the day and their own lives.

While interest in this film is lukewarm at the very best, rumors have already begun to swirl that Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man will make some kind of cameo to connect this film to his classic Sony film franchise. Whether or not that proves to be true or if that’s even enough to get some butts in the theater remains to be seen. Probably won’t be though. Just sayin.’

Check out the trailer to Madame Web below and let us know if you’ll be checking for this when it swings into theaters sometime next year.

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