Netizens React To Keena’s Explosive Group Text To FIFTY FIFTY Members’ Families

Netizens React To Keena’s Explosive Group Text To FIFTY FIFTY Members’ Families

Korean netizens reacted to FIFTY FIFTY Keena‘s shocking text messages to her members and their families.

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On November 15 Dispatch released a bombshell exposé, in which they revealed the treachery of The GiversAhn Sung Il and the members’ own families. Particularly shocking were released text messages that Keena had sent to the group’s members and their families.

Dispatch Releases Keena’s Shocking Group Text To FIFTY FIFTY Members And Their Families In Bombshell Exposé

In the text messages, Keena reveals that FIFTY FIFTY’s legal battle may have been all conjured up by the members’ parents and The Givers’ CEO, Ahn Sung Il.


Until now, we have faithfully listened and followed the discretion of the adults. Whether we are present at the first round of negotiations, ATTRAKT is able to manipulate the media as they want, but it is true that I am afraid that if we don’t take part in negotiations, our image as “Traitor Idols” will be solidified. But the biggest reason (for my uncertainty) is the fact that I don’t understand why we are avoiding negotiating without even listening to the other side, especially after our injunction has been dismissed.

— Keena

Even more shocking were the revelations that the members had been pushed aside by the adults who were making all of the decisions and that the members, through all of this, had never met to discuss their situation.

I won’t force my thoughts on the other members. We don’t seem to agree on much anyway, and we’ve never met in person to talk about this, and we’ve never had the opportunity to really talk about what we thought about the situation. So, I respect their wishes. I don’t think my desire to listen to what the other side (ATTRAKT) has to say, this once, will change.

— Keena

Keena then ends her text message by stating that she would be taking back the reigns of the legal battle and admonishing the adults for excluding the members from decisions that ultimately have affected all of their careers.

I will take part in negotiations, no matter what, and I will listen to what they say. I would like to say that I am still skeptical about what Ahn Sung Il and the lawyers, who have ignored our wishes and have left the members out in proceedings, have to say. In the future, I believe we should be present at every meeting. We would like to know everything about what is going on. It is our dream and our life, and so I am telling you that we will be the ones who listen, who voice their objections, and who make the decisions.

— Keena

Netizens expressed shock and dismay at the text messages. Many were aghasted by the fact that the adults had been steering the members’ sinking ship all this long.

“So this (legal battle) wasn’t what the members wanted. But I can’t believe the members never met to discuss things.” “Reading Keena’s text, it seems that the members’ opinions were discarded, and the members’ families, who don’t know much about the entertainment industry, were gaslighted into committing this mess. It seems Keena left because she is wise.” “Wow, even though Keena is young, she is deep and wise. I think her parents really raised her well.” “I was shocked by how well she wrote. Isn’t she young?” “Wow, because I’m the same age as them, I can confirm that when you are in your early 20s, not many people would be able to think straight when their parents are that delusional. Keena is smart, and I feel bad for the members who fought their parents.” “Wow, they really forbid the members from attending their own negotiations, LOL. The adults are the worst.” “Sigh… The parents ruined the careers of their children because they believed a fraudster… Although the members voluntarily wrote letters to fans and stuff.” “This is why adults are a problem. The adults should have discussed with the members before making any decision. Look at what they’ve done.” “I have mixed feelings about their situation (after reading this), but it’s too late…”

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