“Moving” Actress Han Hyo Joo’s Dress Severely Disappoints Netizens At The “59th Grand Bell Awards”

“Moving” Actress Han Hyo Joo’s Dress Severely Disappoints Netizens At The “59th Grand Bell Awards”

On November 15, KST, the 59th Grand Bell Awards (also known as the Daejong International Film Awards) took place, honoring many in the film industry.

Before the awards show began, netizens were left in awe by the many gorgeous stars who walked the red carpet in stunning dresses.

Song Min Kyung Kim Cho Rong Kim Seo Hyung

However, one actress’s outfit from the night had very few fans.

Actress Han Hyo Joo attended the award ceremony due to her nomination for her role in the Disney+ series Moving. Hyo Joo stars as Lee Mi Hyun, the mother of a superpowered kid with her own powers.

| Disney+ Han Hyo Joo | Disney+

Many were anticipating what the star would wear for the night, as her previous award show appearances left many in awe.

At the Grand Bell Awards red carpet, Han Hyo Joo appeared in a white dress with silver detailing that resembled sea shells. Her make-up was simple and beautiful, enhancing her natural beauty.

While Han Hyo Joo’s visuals were gorgeous, not everyone enjoyed her outfit. Some found the dress unflattering for several reasons, including the shape, design, and length.

On an online forum post, netizens expressed their distaste, wishing the gorgeous actress would have been better styled.

| theqoo Why did they dress her like that? Han Hyo Joo’s been active well but why is every single on of her styling like that. What the heck. It looks like a net for a carp.
Oh my This unnie’s tall too, but they’re dressing her like this Oh… Oh… She looks like a white fish… I think they chose a dress that’s too much… It’s hard to look good in itㅜ The stylist needs to be fired

What do you think of her look?

You can check out all the winners from the night below.

Here Are All The Winners From The Prestigious “59th Grand Bell Awards”

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