“Kissing Maniac” TV Personality Recalls His First Kiss At A Bar

“Kissing Maniac” TV Personality Recalls His First Kiss At A Bar

Comedian Park Myung Soo recently shared the details of his first kiss with his wife, revealing a romantic side to his otherwise comedic and nonchalant personality.

Park Myung Soo | @gpark_radio/Instagram

On November 15, Park Myung Soo hosted his radio show on KBS Cool FM with his guests Bbaekga from the K-Pop group Koyote and model Lee Hyun Yi. During the show, the three of them talked about their first kisses.

Lee Hyun Yi, Bbaekga, and Park Myung Soo (left to right) | KBS Cool FM/YouTube

Park Myung Soo revealed that normally when he is asked about first kisses, he responds by saying, “What’s the purpose of kissing?” However, his wife didn’t like that. He then joked that he’s, in fact, a “kissing maniac” and the “president of the Kiss Association.”

He then recalled his first kiss with his dermatologist wife, Han Soo Min, at a Korean bar.

I couldn’t resist and kissed her in a hof (Korean bar). It was a hof with two floors, and we kissed on the not-so-private second floor. There was no one around, and we kissed before the beer came out, eating the dried pollack provided as service.

— Park Myung Soo

Han Soo Min (left) and Park Myung Soo (right) | @minlovesyou/Instagram

Lee Hyun Yi also shared her memory of her first kiss with her husband.

When we were dating, he was too nonchalant and played hard to get. I found it frustrating. One day, we were sitting in the car parked in front of my house, and I suggested playing a game to hold hands. I wanted to try to some sort of physical affection. While doing a penalty of having to kiss each other on the cheek, I turned my head. But at that moment, my younger brother returned home, and my husband quickly got out of the car and apologized.

— Lee Hyun Yi

Lee Hyun Yi | @lee.hyunyi/Instagram

Lastly, Bbaekga, who is not yet married, recalled his first kiss with his middle school girlfriend.

I remember my first kiss. As soon I entered middle school, I started meeting this friend for six years. We were together until high school graduation without even knowing we were dating. I kissed that friend, but I felt dizzy and embarrassed, so I ran away. I ran 1 km without stopping.

— Bbaekga

When Lee Hyun Yi jokingly scolded him, saying, “If you run away like that, what kind of situation does that put the girl in?” Park Myung Soo made everyone laugh by responding, “She probably ran in the opposite direction.

Bbaekga | tvN

Park Myung Soo is a comedian, MC, TV personality, and singer who debuted in 1993. He married his long-time girlfriend, Han Soo Min, and they had their first child in 2008.


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