K-Netizens React To Original Lyrics For aespa’s “Drama”

K-pop girl group aespa recently returned with its fourth mini album, Drama. With the release, the original lyrics for the album resurfaced on online community boards, gaining much attention.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Previously, aespa had planned a comeback at the beginning of the year, but it was delayed due to the members not favoring the lyrics with themes of sustainability and planting trees.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

According to an insider, the melody, lyrics, and arrangement were completely redone, causing the song’s promotions to be delayed and for “Spicy” to be promoted instead.

According to The Fact, ‘Drama’ by aespa was originally the song about planting trees that Lee Soo Man intended for aespa to release in February.

The chorus was supposed to be: “Wind Sunlight Water Wind Sunlight Water We’re gonna add what we already have and plant a tree”… pic.twitter.com/SqYbruiSqO

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) November 13, 2023

K-Netizens that saw this were just shocked with the original lyrics.

Netizen comments | theqoo “Do those lyrics sound okay? What on earth is wind, sun, and water?” “Some parts of the lyrics sound like a direct translation of lyrics of a Chinese song.” “The lyrics now are much better. Very addictive.” “I am the wind, water, and sunlight…I guess this sounds better than the ‘coexistence’ part. That part is even more strange. It’s in Korean, but I don’t understand it.” “Oh, it’s so bad it’s crazy lol. Aside from being bad, it doesn’t match the group’s identity. How can the original lyrics be better.” “Regardless of the quality of the lyrics, the intention behind including those lyrics was because of Lee Soo Man’s business. And is that really okay? Unless the concept is eco-friendly, the lyrics should also fit the concept. It doesn’t match the group’s style, and it’s strange.” “If this song is about loving nature, loving the earth, and protecting the environment, it comes out of nowhere, but the lyrics are lame. Imagine if you were singing a love song and suddenly the lyrics about planting a tree appeared in the chorus, and you were singing a song showing off your swagger and saying that you are the best, and then you said, let’s plant a tree and something like this, are the lyrics of the song normal?” “Wow, the original lyrics haha. What is this, Captain Planet? Lol”

What are your thoughts on the lyrics? Watch the full music video below!

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