How A Random Food Truck Owner Got To Act In Legendary Girl Group’s MV

How A Random Food Truck Owner Got To Act In Legendary Girl Group’s MV

Fans know how important music videos are in the K-Pop industry. That’s why companies go the extra length to make these clips high-stakes productions with intricate stories and huge sets. However, earlier this week, a twist of fate brought an unexpected star into the limelight — all thanks to Red Velvet.

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Imagine the aroma of sizzling tteokbokki wafting through the air, mingling with the electric buzz of cameras and the murmur of crew members. This was the scene on the set of Red Velvet’s latest music video, “Chill Kill,” where a food truck owner went from serving spicy rice cakes to playing the villain on screen.

The tale unfolds like the plot of a feel-good movie: A hardworking food truck owner arrives on set, ready to fuel the cast and crew with hearty Korean street food. Little does he know that his day will take a dramatic turn. Amidst the grueling hours of shooting, the director must’ve spotted something in the food truck owner — perhaps a raw, authentic vibe that can’t be taught in acting classes.

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In an impromptu decision that would become K-Pop legend, Lee Young Eum, the visionary behind “Chill Kill,” casts the unsuspecting chef in the role of the “bad father.”

With a flair for spontaneity, the director sees potential in the most ordinary of places. The food truck owner, with his face artfully concealed and later scribbled upon, perfectly fits the eerie and creepy vibe Red Velvet music videos are known for.

three differences:

– there’s now a shadow standing behind joy
– yeri’s hand on top of the other is swapped
– irene joy and wendy’s eyes are completely blacked out

— 칠 (@magicveivet) November 9, 2023

This unexpected turn of events was shared by Lee Young Eum in an Instagram story, in which she expressed a blend of gratitude and playful regret.

The owner of the food truck made delicious tteokbokki for us, but then we asked him to play the bad father, and we even had to scribble on his face. We’re so sorry!

— Lee Young Eum

| @joyisthetics/Twitter

Red Velvet’s music video tells a gripping story of five sisters breaking free from the clutches of their oppressive father. The narrative’s dark twist starts with the sisters committing an act of desperation, followed by a fiery attempt to erase their tracks. Despite the grim plot, the spirit of sisterhood shines bright, as the girls find solace in their unity near the end of the video.

red velvet said with the power of friendship and dance the police will not arrest us of murder and arson !

— 칠 (@magicveivet) November 13, 2023

The irony is not lost on fans—how a man known for feeding the hungry ends up portraying a character who starves his daughters of freedom. Yet, the food truck owner’s unexpected foray into acting has added a layer of richness to the music video, much like the flavorful tteokbokki he serves.

With over 7.7 million views and counting, “Chill Kill” is a testament to Red Velvet’s enduring charm and the power of a good story—both onscreen and off. The music video has become a sensation, and the food truck owner’s unique contribution has only added to the buzz. It’s a comeback hit for Red Velvet and a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the most memorable roles are filled by those who are just passing by, serving up life’s simple joys on a plate.

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