“He Tried To Kick Me…” Second-Generation Idol Reveals His Traumatic Travel Experience While Abroad

“He Tried To Kick Me…” Second-Generation Idol Reveals His Traumatic Travel Experience While Abroad

INFINITE‘s Sungjong recently revealed that during his recent schedule, he was almost robbed and then left stranded alone in Europe.

INFINITE’s Sungjong | @ssongjjong.ifnt/Instagram

It was announced earlier in the year that Sungjong would be traveling to Europe for his “Showcase Tour.”


Ticket Open:
April 28th 9:00 PM (KST) / 12:00 PM (GMT)

Additional information/updates regarding the tour will continue to be announced. #leeseongjong #INFINITE #성종 #kpop #showcase #europetour #TheOne pic.twitter.com/SIy1RUpYfv

— leeseongjongofficial (@leeseongjong) April 25, 2023

Throughout his time in Europe, Sungjong has been keeping fans updated during his travels. Sadly, netizens have raised worry after Sungjong revealed some of the hardships he faced while traveling.

In particular, in some messages, he revealed that someone had tried to steal his things while going on the train and looking for his hotel. It was so serious that the person tried to kick him to get the possessions. Of course, like most idols, Sungjong assured fans he was okay and warned them against pickpocketers, but more worryingly, the idol had no security at the time.

Today, I rode a train
For transportation
And I had a scary experience
While looking for the hotel
A foreigner (non-Korean) tried to steal my carrier and phone
And he tried to kick me
Be careful when you travel here or come here for work
Yeah, I’m fine
Everyone, be careful and even more careful.

Pick pocketers
Be careful
Yeah, I don’t have security
It’s okay
Don’t worry!
I’ll protect myself

— Sungjong

If that wasn’t scary enough, Sungjong later shared more issues during his time in Europe. At the end of the tour, when he was going to Europe, he shared about the change in his plans due to plane cancelations.

I have to fly to Korea today…
I have to fly to Paris and transfer to another airplane
but it got canceled ㅠㅠ
After getting my luggage.

— Sungjong

Sungjong left the hotel early in the morning for his flight and rather than getting on the plane, he was waiting.

I came out at 3 in the morning.
This is the first time
I posted my luggage
I was supposed to get on the 6am flight
I thought I’d be getting on the airplane soon.

— Sungjong

The idol then shared that he was waiting at Hungary airport, continuously updating fans on what was happened, particularly adding that no plane seemed to have come.

While on this tour
A lot of things (have happened)
My luggage
I’m waiting
For my luggage to come out
I’m currently at the Hungary airport.

— Sungjong

My ticket again
I’m currently in Hungary
The plane hasn’t come yet ㅠㅠ
It’s 9am here
The morning
12 am flight
And it isn’t Paris

— Sungjong

While it would be scary and worrisome anyway, Sungjong then added that not only was he without a flight, but that he was actually by himself and had to transfer alone. The idol explained that everyone else was on a different flight from him.

I need to go to Germany
I haven’t eaten yet
I need to transfer by myself
To Korea
Do you think I’ll be okay?

— Sungjong

Luckily, after all the stress, Sungjong managed to return to Korea safely and sent more messages to fans to reassure them, adding, “Just, Safely, Landed” in three separate messages followed by a picture of the plane window and some emojis.

Although Sungjong is a veteran idol, traveling is always a daunting prospect. From almost being robbed to being stranded alone in a foreign country, the idol definitely deserved more protection from his company.


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