‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ star teases ‘GTA 6’ news in now-deleted post

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ star teases ‘GTA 6’ news in now-deleted post

A deleted post from Shawn Fonteno, the actor behind Grand Theft Auto 5 co-protagonist Franklin Clinton, has suggested the character may return in Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6).

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Ahead of the coming Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, Fonteno posted “If I told ya’ll I’d get in trouble” on X (formerly Twitter). Fonteno deleted the post shortly afterward, while Ned Luke – Fonteno’s co-star as the voice of Michael De Santa – replied: “Man go play Modern Warfare“.

As a result, fans have speculated that either Fonteno will reprise his role as Franklin in GTA 6, return in some other way, or the actor is merely trolling fans.

In either case, we probably won’t have to wait long until we know, with the first trailer for GTA 6 due to release in early December.

GTA 5 (Credit: Rockstar Games)

This isn’t the first instance of casting rumours for GTA 6. Earlier this year rapper 50 Cent deleted a series of social media posts that fans were speculating could be related to Grand Theft Auto 6 after a series of posts included the logo for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and that the rapper was involved in something “bigger than Power”.

The rapper later confirmed the posts were unrelated to Rockstar’s game.

Earlier in the year, Grand Theft Auto 6 was the subject of a major leak that led to early development footage of the game appearing online. The hacker, a teenager from Oxfordshire, reportedly carried out the attack from a Travelodge hotel and was later found unfit to stand trial.

Following the leak, Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two confirmed the incident was “terribly disappointing” but would have no bearing on the game’s development.

In other gaming news, the heist game Payday 3 is receiving an update this month which will add two maps from Payday 2.

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