Crush Faces Backlash From Angry Netizens For Laughing At “Rude” Joke About Red Velvet’s Joy

Crush Faces Backlash From Angry Netizens For Laughing At “Rude” Joke About Red Velvet’s Joy

Recently, Crush made an appearance on Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube channel, where a conversation about his latest musical release took a jarring turn, leading to public outcry.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Known for his soulful music and unique voice, Crush was praised by Sung Si Kyung for his contributions to the pop music scene in South Korea. Sung Si Kyung expressed a desire for Crush to become a role model for aspiring musicians who wish to become more than “just” idols, which netizens found insulting.

I wish you were more popular than Cha Eunwoo so children would rather say, ‘I want to write music and become like Crush,’ instead of wanting to become idols.

— Sung Si Kyung

| Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube Channel

However, the praise was overshadowed by a moment that many fans deemed even more inappropriate than the Cha Eunwoo mention. During the talk, Sung Si Kyung made a comment about Crush and his ongoing relationship with Red Velvet’s Joy.

Idols are great but there are too many and everyone wants to become one. [I wish you show them], ‘Oh, I can become an artist and date an idol. That’s possible.’

—  Sung Si Kyung


This comment suggested that being an artist allows one the freedom to date idols, seemingly reducing Joy to a mere perk of Crush’s artistic path. The comment, intended as a joke, was met with laughter from Crush, which did not sit well with fans.

The incident led to a wave of criticism from netizens who expressed their disapproval of both the joke and Crush’s reaction to it. The crux of the backlash comes from two main points: the unnecessary involvement of Crush’s personal relationship with Joy in the conversation and the perceived belittlement of idols, which many fans see as a widespread issue in the industry.

mind you, joy never once talked about him in public and was never asked about him in interviews, but his nasty ass always uses her for clout to promote his works. he could’ve asked that boomer to edit out that part if he couldn’t stand up for her, but nah, he needs some buzz

— m yeolvember! (@loeykjh) November 15, 2023

// content warning crush

not defending ur girl after some incel basically referred to her as a trophy man you’re going to hell

— ae saw wenich (@gentlewannie) November 15, 2023

Fans have taken to social media to voice their anger and disappointment. A common sentiment among the comments is the disappointment in Crush for not standing up for Joy, accusing him of using her for publicity. Netizens have expressed that Joy is not a commodity to be used for clout or to be joked about as if she’s a “trophy” or a “goal” to be achieved.

why did he laugh? joy is not your trophy.

this is why she will forever be more relevant, pretty, successful & talented than him.

— rain (@redfl4vour) November 15, 2023

Joy’s not a trophy but you are the lowest that she could get. you should be thankful that she noticed you, step back.

— سيري (@CiriFor) November 15, 2023

Moreover, the incident has touched on the broader issue of the treatment of female idols in the industry. Many point out that while male artists may get away with a laugh, female idols bear the brunt of the scrutiny and criticism when it comes to their personal lives.

the men laugh it off but it’s always the female idols that have to go through the gates of hell the moment the dating topic gets mentioned….. this fucker

— iri (@imaluvie) November 15, 2023

The reaction to the “joke” has been fierce and unified, with netizens calling for respect towards Joy and her career. They argue that she is a talented artist who should be recognized for her work, not reduced to a secondary character in her own narrative.

| SM Entertainment

As the backlash continues, it remains to be seen if Crush or his company will respond to the criticism. Fans and netizens alike are looking for an acknowledgment of the situation and a commitment to a more respectful stance from the singer in the future, especially when it comes to his personal relationship with a public figure like Joy.

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