Coi Leray Absolutely Shredded Benzino For Creating ‘Craziness’ About Her Past: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Your Clout Kid’

Coi Leray Absolutely Shredded Benzino For Creating ‘Craziness’ About Her Past: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Your Clout Kid’

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Coi Leray isn’t happy her father Benzino has been contradicting her recollections of her upbringing. On a recent episode of Angie Martinez’s podcast, IRL, the “Players” rapper recalled her mom “cooking up nickels and dimes” to support them (as in, selling crack) and sleeping in cars. However, Benzino disputed this during a recent Instagram Live session, arguing, “She ain’t never slept in no f**king cars that I knew about.”

It looks like Coi is fed up with Benzino offering counterexamples of his good parenting because she lit into him in an Instagram session of her own. “[I watch] him go online and just create craziness for no reason,” she said. “And if you notice, it has been a pattern for some time now…. It just seems like every single time, instead of you congratulating me and being happy for me, you want to go online and try to use me to prove yourself to these people and this industry on why you feel like you didn’t get the respect or whatever it is that you deserve. I don’t want to be your clout kid.”

She also pointed out, “I don’t have to get on here and lie about struggle. I don’t think anybody wants to do that. But, yeah, I think that’s corny. I have a mugshot. Ask my mom… I don’t [want to] have to speak on this ever again. He made it very clear that he never wants to speak to me again… Again, the interview was done in June. I haven’t said anything since. But, respectfully, I wish that we could kind just keep everything offline moving forward. I’d rather you just do that on a respectful level of just me being your daughter at the end of the day.”

You can watch Coi’s Instagram Live clip below.


Coi Leray says there’s been a pattern of her dad Benzino trying to downplay her success and use her for clout . #coileray #benzino #republicrecords #clout

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