BTS’s RM Updates Fans About His Latest Injury

BTS’s RM recently held a live broadcast via Weverse, sharing his recent whereabouts with ARMYs.

BTS RM | @rkive/Instagram

When it comes to sharing his everyday life with fans, RM has always shown his trust in ARMYs. His livestreams are often done in an unfiltered environment, where he feels comfortable enough to reveal his messy living room, ask fans to introduce him to a girlfriend, or simply vibe.

joon showing us how he throws his clothes on the sofa as soon as he arrives lmao

— namjoon pics (@rmarchives) October 10, 2023

“introduce your girlfriend”? oh shit, i really want to but i have none right now. can you introduce me one?

— ·ᴗ· (@joonstudio) October 10, 2023

Last week, the rapper had briefly shared about an eye injury through his Instagram. On November 7, he uploaded a story showing a sizable wound on his eyelid.

Fans were both concerned for his wellbeing and puzzled about how he got hurt in such a sensitive area. So, when RM held the live broadcast, he received a lot of comments asking about what happened. He responded that it happened when he was filming something, and the camera hit his face, causing heavy bleeding.

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The wound, RM shared, had to be fixed up with around five stitches.

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Lastly, he reassured fans that it was healing alright, even though it has developed into a bruise now.

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On the same day as the livestream, he also posted a new Instagram update, showing the healing progress of the cut.

Despite the reassurance, ARMYs are heartbroken at him getting hurt so badly and wish him a speedy recovery.

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