British Darkwave Duo ANTI:AGER Debut New Album “Body of Flesh”

In this forest, constellations they try to hide

Shrouded by the branches, cloaking us from either side.

Ghosts scattered, revealing what came before

ANTI:AGER, a darkwave duo hailing from Exeter, England, comprises the Jones twins, Jack, who handles guitars, synths, and bass, and Alex, the voice behind the evocative lyrics while also taking on bass duties. The project took root in early 2020, and since then, their distinctive fusion of ethereal melodies, chilly rhythms, and introspective songwriting has carved out a unique niche within their genre.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, ANTI:AGER’s musical kinship aligns with bands like Tears For Fears, Drab Majesty, Fields of the Nephilim, Twin Tribes, and more. In doing so, they have skillfully crafted a musical identity that marries nostalgia with forward-thinking innovation.

Opening with a gorgeous, mysterious synth instrumental, Ides of Winter, they delve into poetry with Outside, a melancholic reflection upon inner conflict and longing. The repeated refrain highlights the difficulty of conveying their true feelings, laughing on the outside while sounding funny in the twilight – hinting at a desire for change and transformation. Next, the eerie Coil describes a haunting, introspective journey through a dark forest, where ghostly figures and constellations are concealed by trees, hinting at hidden truths. This is followed by Bittersweet The Violence, which seeks healing but struggles with a desire to break free. The lyrics of Cloaked In Red evoke a scene of dethronement and confrontation with jaguars in the night. The scene is filled with intense emotions and a sense of restlessness. We take another interlude break with the gentle yet ghostly Dimension Falling. For Phantoms and Total Seduction, the band mused over philosophies like cryptomnesia and solipsism – which question theories of memory and life choices.

“With our second album, we wanted to incorporate a more exotic palette of influences, pushing the edges of the darkwave genre,” says the band. “The album has a more deliberate, expansive, and decadent part of our sound that weaves its way through the whole album. This is something we wanted to build on from our previous release – which had more of a singular sound…Once more, it was just the two of us creating and moulding the music to its final stages, including; recording/mixing/artwork. These are things that definitely impart our character across the whole project and make it deeply personal to us.”

“The lyrical themes are something that are more expressive of our rural surroundings also. Drawing on mysticism and Dartmoor for inspiration. The song Coil recounts a journey through a forest in the dead of night and the deep connection to nature you feel when wandering the moors. It would be disingenuous of us to start singing about inner city living…not our style.”

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